How to Change Your IP Address

You must have heard of the term IP address many times. A seemingly simple term, the IP address actually hides a lot of secrets in it. 

In this article, we will cover all the nitty-gritty details related to IP address technology. We will find out what it means, and why you should consider changing it.

Let’s get started. 

First Things First, What is an IP Address?

An IP address, IP meaning Internet Protocol, basically refers to a unique number that is linked to all the online activities you do. 

Consider sending a letter to your relative with a return address on the letter. The same purpose is fulfilled by an IP address which provides an identifying number for your hardware connected to the internet. 

Uses of an IP Address

Similar to your home or business address, an IP address provides an identity to your network hardware connected to the internet. It helps to differentiate billions of devices online.

Essentially, an IP address acts as the identity of your device online. Every computer has its own IP address. This means that if someone knows your IP address, they could also track your device/machine online.

Why Would Someone Want to Change Their IP Address?

There are various reasons why people might want to change or mask their IP address online. Some of them are:

  • To hide their geographical location

You might want to access your client’s competitor website which is geoblocked for you for some reason. What can you do in such a case? You can probably get around the geoblocking by changing your IP address. This will trick the entire system, and you will be seen as someone belonging to the permitted region.

  • To prevent web tracking

You might have to visit your competitor’s website, maybe to just have a clue or to get inspired or to collect data from the website. Either way, you would not want to be tracked by your competitor.

By changing your IP address, you essentially change your online identity and are able to get through without associating your actions with your real IP address and thus identity.

  • To bypass an IP ban

Is your IP address banned or flagged for any reason whatsoever? Changing your IP address could prove to be the ultimate solution here.

With this in mind, it is easier to conclude that changing the IP address could prove to be extremely helpful in the end. But how do you do that?

How to Change an IP Address?

There are a number of ways through which you can change your IP address on the go. However, by far the most convenient and the easiest way to do this is by using a proxy service.  

What is a Proxy Service, You Ask?

A proxy service is an intermediary server between your computer and the internet at large. In a way, it acts as a firewall. Thus, whenever your computer sends a request to connect to a certain website, the web request first goes through the proxy server, which then makes the same request on your behalf. To learn more about different types of proxies, you should read this post by

As the end result, the proxy server changes your IP address such that the target web server is not able to locate your precise location. Proxy servers can also be configured to encrypt your data in transport and so help you maintain anonymity online.

This is one of the reasons why more and more businesses are using proxy servers. They offer a range of advantages, some of them being:

  • Easily gather business intelligence data and keep a close eye on your competitors and the public web data they provide
  • Gain an SEO advantage without getting banned or flagged
  • Scrape data from websites without getting your web scrapers blocked or shut down

Although proxy servers offer a range of advantages, the truth is that not all proxies are created equal. Therefore, one must choose a service carefully and diligently.

How to Choose the Best Proxy Service?

The best proxy services are those which meet the following criteria:

  • Reliable

The best proxy servers are stable, reliable and provide round the clock service. They are up and running all the time, thus ensuring utmost productivity.

  • Fast

The most reputed proxy servers will never slow down your connection. Because if this happens, it will take ages for you to scrape a large website through them. 

  • Trustworthy

One of the reasons why businesses use proxy servers is to maintain their safety and security. They don’t want to get their identity revealed. The best proxy servers do not leak any data and keep you safe and secure at all times.

The Wrap Up

While changing your IP address may open new realms of exploration for you, care must be taken that you change your IP address only with the help of the best proxy servers to avoid putting yourself at risk.

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