How to Convert Install Android App to APK and Share it

There are so many app’s that helps you to convert android app to APK. If you want to use these back up app’s  simple download from Google play. Here i am providing quite simple app’s that helps you to convert android app to APK. These app’s help you easily and efficiently manage your android phone. Back up app’s are powerful and capability management tools to improve your android phone’s performance. It also useful for speeds up and saves battery. By installing these app’s you can share them with others also. By downloading these app’s you may get so many useful key features that helps your android performance. Here i am providing best two app’s may be that helps you to convert installed android app back to APK.

convert android app to apk

Convert Android App to Apk

Android Assistant Free is the finest android app of the utility tool which make your device better performance. What you have to do is simple download this app from Google play that’ it. If you do not have any idea at all here i will give you some information.

Key Features of Android Assistant

  • This app is best in Monitor Status(CPU,RAM,ROM,SD Card,battery)
  • Process Manager that means clean running process.
  • Cache cleaner and system clean(cache, thumbnail cache, log file, browser history, Gmail history, Google Map history and etc.)
  • Best for power saving
  • Battery Usage
  • App install function
  • Other Settings : Volume Control, Vibrate on touch, Phone Ringtone, Screen Brightness, Sleep Time, Airplane Mode.

Convert android app to APK Backup & Restore (APK)

How to Use  Android Assistant Free Back up APK

This app helps you to convert installed android app to APK. This app is quite simple and easy. You need not do nothing just simple download fro Google play. Here i will tell you how to download from Google play. Just follow step by step.

  • The first and fore most thing is you need to Download and install Android Assistant app on your mobile. So first go to Google play and simple install this app.
  • Next thing is go to settings
  • Just select that back up app
  • Select that APK file which you want convert.
  • Last  step is just click on next that’s it you have done
  • You can share this file by using Bluetooth also if in case any one your friends wants at the  time you can simple share it.

APK Back up and Share

By using this app you can able to convert android app to apk. This app provides best way to convert apk file. If you want to use this app simple download from google play. You can download freely there is no cost at all.There are some useful functions have this app

  • Quite simple to install the application.
  • You can create your own backup file and you may share it any one
  • There is option that Backup file show in separate section.
  • By using Bluetooth you can share multiple via.
  • Bluetooth handling.

How to Use APK Back up and Share

There are so many apps available  in the Google Play Store which can able to convert your install apps into APK files so that you may share them with any one  apps or keep them as backups. This  apps is one  which provide share & Backup which doesn’t even require root privileges to transfer and save your apps into APK install files. Follow the below steps to convert installed apps to APK files

  • By using Google play simple Install APK Share & Backup
  • Go to tools open APK share

android app to apk

  • Where you can select single app or multiple app
  • Click the Share to share the apk of the app to other apps like Gmail, Drive, Email, Bluetooth.
  • Click backup to save the apk file to your SD card or external storage.

This is a very easy to use app if you want to send your app’s APKs to your friends via Bluetooth.   Make sure that “Allow installation from Unknown Sources” is checked in your Android’s Security settings. Here i will share with you how to do.

  • Just go to your Android’s system settings
  • Click to open Security
  • Check “Unknown Sources”
  • Now you can install the APK file

Beside these two you can use Xender, Share It etc, they are the best Android apk sharing app. With them you can simply connect one Android device to another and then share any install app in seconds.

I hope you like the above post for how to convert install android app to APK. Now after converting your app to apk you can also share your app to other.

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