How to Copy DVD on Mac with Lossless Quality with MacX DVD Ripper Pro [Time-limited Giveaway]

DVD ripping does not necessarily mean copying a DVD to another disc. DVD ripping is the process of saving a video file in another format which is compatible with many other different devices like smartphones, video gaming stations, and Apple products. DVD ripping changes the data on the disc and makes it more easily accessible by enabling you to download the same video and play it on multiple devices.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is rated one of the best DVD rippers on the internet today. It offers you all the features that you would require for a clean and DVD rip. Various tests proved that this software especially beats in competitors when it comes to quick DVD ripping by a huge margin. The output quality of the DVD rip is not only fast but also top rated. Although this product provides high quality and high performance, it is still very much more affordable.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro can rip any encrypted or protected DVD and provide 1:1 clone. It has trim and crop features as well, so you can easily edit your new copy. This software is easy to comprehend, operate and the whole process is under full control. This application is compatible with any electronic device like the iPhone 8, X or 8 plus. It is the best in the market because it has many advantages that include export options, presets, zero quality loss, fast and performing engine, DRM defeat and a DVD copy for all DVD types.

Reasons why you should opt for the new MacX DVD Ripper Pro for best results

  • The conversion of DVD movies for the latest popular devices- MacX DVD Ripper Pro is a DVD ripper/copy tool that can be used to convert your DVD videos into compatible formats that can be played on any electronic device like smartphones, gaming consoles, tablets, iPad, iPods, and others.
  • A wide range of conversion options- The MacX DVD Ripper Pro provides a variety of options that are not offered by any other competitor. When you launch the software disc, you will see an array of possibilities displayed into which you can change the DVD to a compatible latest device format. It is widely used for Microsoft surfaces, video gaming systems, Android devices, and Amazon Kindle.
  • Provides an Optimized Experience- Nearly all the reviews of this product indicate that you as a customer who experiences positive results and will receive excellent conversion qualities of ripped content. All the rips are uniquely customized for each device’s specifications, and the software makes the whole playback experience flawless and hardly has any drawbacks.
  • The best option for casual users- The MacX DVD Ripper Pro is an ideal option for lay users as it is quick and easy to master the process of conversion. The user interface of this software is quite easy to comprehend, and you will be able to familiarize yourself with it quicker than you think. After you get the hang of it, it is a cakewalk to rip DVDs and convert the movies or videos to be played on your mobile or Mac devices.
  • Award-winning– The new MacX DVD Ripper Pro has been given the ‘Great user experience award’ and also the ‘Rising star award if 2018.’ So, you can rest assured that this software is the best in the market.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to copy DVD on Mac without quality loss for different uses

Step 1: You will need to Download and run MacX DVD Ripper Pro and then import the content of the DVD by clicking on DVD. You can Back up the complete title in .mpg or .mkv format. You can get a high-quality copy and also a 5.1 surround sound effect as well.

Step 2: After importing your content, select the format of the output. If you do not want to lose any quality in the process, select the ‘DVD backup’ option. To backup DVD to Mac’s hard drive and clear some hard disc space, all you need to do is rip the DVD to MOV or MP4 format. This may involve some data compression, but our software ensures an almost to none quality loss.

Step 3: Choose Output Folder where you want to store your ripped video content on your new device. You can store the video by clicking on the ‘browse’ option in the output setting space.  To save your DVD content on Mac with compact size but high quality, rip the DVD to HEVC which is currently the new DVD compression standard that is twice as little but still has the same video conversion quality.

Step 4: Once you complete the above three simple processes, you can Start Ripping. Just Click on the ‘run’ option to start ripping your DVD.  During the process of conversion, you can track the conversion process and chance the whole thing anytime.

Other useful features if MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Customizing the DVD content in the MacX DVD Ripper Pro while ripping becomes easy for conversion. You can add, trim or cut and copy easily. You can also merge ripped content with other videos and make your creation. There is also an option for backup where you can reserve your DVD to convert it into a single video file. The software also allows you to rip in an array of formats like MP4, MOV, FLV, QT, and H.264. The quality of the ripped content is outstanding, and it can be played on any playable device. You can also add subtitles to your ripped content.

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