How to Create Etsy and Facebook Banners Using Fotor For Free

Online marketing and social media marketing is mainly depending on the images. With a perfect image, you can generate your targeted leads. Here we will talk about how to create ETSY and Facebook banners. As you know there are many online tools available for editing and creating images. On ETSY images are the best way to tell about the products and a banner can give another look to your ETSY store. A perfect banner on ETSY can attract customers for purchasing something from your store.

As you know that Facebook is a great place for social media marketing. On Facebook and other social media platforms, the banners are the first thing that any visitor will see on your profile and pages. It means you should create best and attractive banners for your Facebook profiles and pages, but how? For creating best Facebook banners you have to find the best editing tool. As I told you above that there are many free and paid tools available on the internet for creating images and banners. Fotor is one of the best online tools for creating ETSY and Facebook banners.

Fotor helps you in creating high-quality Etsy and Facebook banners. Fotor is available in both free and paid versions. You can use it free in starting and after that, if you feel that you need more features to be unlocked then you can go for Fotor Pro. Fotor pro has plans for monthly and annually. If you buy a monthly plan then it will cost you 8.99 USD per month and if you buy Fotor Pro for one year then it will cost you 39.99 USD for one year. Fotor also gives you a feature of Background Remover with that you can remove the unwanted background of any image.

Create ETSY Banner Using Fotor

  1. First of all, go to the Fotor and click on create a design button and after that select ETSY cover photo.
  2. Now select a template for your Etsy banner and start designing it.
  3. Fotor has a sticker feature with that you can use stickers for giving a different look to your banner. You can also use your custom stickers by uploading them on Fotor editor.
  4. Users can write text on the banner in different fonts and colors by using the text editor.
  5. Users can add a different background in their banners and they can also use custom backgrounds by uploading them on Fotor editor for creating banners.
  6. After creating the banner users can download it by clicking on the save button.

There are many other features also available that you can use for creating a perfect banner.

Create Facebook Banner Using Fotor

Users can create facebook banners with the help of Fotor. For creating a facebook banner you just need to go on the Fotor and after that select the facebook cover and start designing by using templates. The rest process is similar as I told you above.


You can also create posters with the help of Fotor Poster Maker. You don’t need to install an image editing software on your system for creating images you can use an online tool like Fotor. We hope that this article will help you in creating the best banner for your ETSY store and Facebook pages. If you have any question and suggestion then please comment below.

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