How to Customize Your Website on the Basis of Geolocation

Digital marketing has become essential for every modern business. Fortunately, you have a variety of tools at your disposal. All you have to do is find the right ones and use them properly.

For instance, while it’s important to have a professional website for your business, to market your products/services better, you should also capitalize on geo-targeting.

What is geo-targeting?

As the name implies, geo-targeting is the practice of offering custom content based on a user’s geographical location. Marketers often use this technique in digital ads to increase the conversion rate.

There are many top companies already using geo-targeting to its full potential. For instance, leading food store chain Whole Foods placed geo-fences around several stores so that shopper entering these zones would receive attractive offers on the mobiles.  Similarly, lifestyle retailer Urban Outfitters actively leverages location data to analyze its customers’ behavior and send custom push notifications, emails, etc. through its official app.

Although geo-targeting may sound complicated, something meant for only the large businesses, that’s not the case. Any small business that has a website can also enjoy the benefits of this service.

Using geo-targeting with your website

Modifying your website so that it displays custom content based on different geographical locations isn’t as difficult as you might think. This is especially the case if your website is based on WordPress as there are a variety of plugins that support geo-targeting. For instance, Geotargeting Pro plugin is one of the best geotargeting plugins that you can use. Let’s see how you can use it with your website:

Displaying different content on the basis of geolocation

One of the most important things you want to cover in geotargeting is displaying different content for different users depending on where they are located. For instance, if a user is located in Canada, then you want to show the affiliate products of a furniture manufacturer based in that country. Similarly, if a user is visiting your website from Germany, then you want to share the affiliate links of and not

You can easily set up your website to display custom content using the Geotargeting Pro plugin. Just follow these steps:

  • Open the Geotargeting shortcode builder in the WordPress Editor
  • Select the code for your first affiliate offer for German Amazon
  • In the shortcode builder, choose “only show content in” and “Germany”
  • Publish the content! Now the German amazon affiliate offer will be shown only to German users.

You can also use the plugin for restricting access to certain content based on geolocation. In fact, you can use it in all sorts of creative ways which makes it one of the necessary WordPress plugins for newbie bloggers.

If you want to redirect users based on their location, then you can use the “Geo Redirects” Plugin. It can help:

  • Sending visitors to a certain landing page that’s optimized for their location
  • Redirecting users to the pages that are translated into their local language

Using this plugin is fairly easy. You just need to set an AND/OR logic for your content. So, basically, you can:

  • Enter the destination URL
  • Specify whether you want to redirect the users once or every single time
  • Whitelist certain IPs (if you want)

When adding these geo-targeting features, you can easily verify the changes with any decent VPN service that allows you to access your website from different servers across the globe. This way, you can simulate the situation in which users from different geographical locations access your website and observe how the content changes with each location in accordance with the parameters set by you.


Customizing your website for geo-targeting opens new avenues to increase organic traffic and conversion rate. Besides, when there are a number of plugins that can do most of the work for you, there is no reason not to take advantage of the facility. Good luck!

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