How to Delete Android Phone Data Permanently

There are several ways of erasing junk data from mobile phones which are of no use to improve the performance of your phone and increasing the capacity of cache memory. Similarly erasing data from the memory of an Android phone is not very easy. And you need a proper software or toolbox application that embeds a few algorithms in it to erase cached and other irrelevant data.

The primary purpose of erasing Android data permanently is to improve the performance of the phone by reducing the data processing and fetching. With a considerable amount of cache store, the performance and the speed of the system is hampered. Thus enhancing the system and application performance is one of the benefits of clearing cache.      

Why is it required to erase data on Android?

Erasing data on Android benefits in enhancing the application and system performance by clearing the cache memory of the phone although data that is deleted frequently from the Android with the Delete function can still be recovered with proper data recovery solutions.

It is a prevalent fact that most of the devices contain banking information, Login details, important contacts details, and personal photos, etc. If the device is unfortunately mishandled for a wrong intention, then all those personal data can be recovered even after the factory reset of the system.

So privacy and security all the secret documents should be taken seriously, and it can be a threat at any point in time. So for preventing the private data in falling into the wrong hands, it is essential to destroy those data immediately after its use with a professional Android data erasing tool. The user should also make sure that the data is erased permanently from their Android device.

About iSkysoft ToolBox- Android Data Eraser

iSkysoft ToolBox Android Data Eraser is a software that is developed for erasing Android data permanently from the devices primarily for the security of personal and valuable data. It is also used for enhancing the performance of the device by clearing the internal memory and cache memory. iSkysoft wipes off all the data on Android devices permanently with the 100% guarantee being non-recoverable. It erases data with the implementation of military grade algorithm, and it works perfectly with all the Android devices. Thus before deleting the data, the user should focus first on the reason for removing such data.

Most people delete data at the time of reselling or changing their device. To prevent the next heir of that device from identifying and accessing private information. iSkysoft wipes off everything on the device including messages, chat history, application, images, calendar, music, and movies. Thus with the assistance of iSkysoft Toolbox, an Android device can be free from stored data permanently irrespective of its version. Apart from Android devices, the iSkysoft Toolbox also supports almost all the versions of Windows Operating System.

Difference between Factory Data Reset and Data Removal by iSkysoft Toolbox`

There is an extensive level of difference between the Factory data Reset and the Android Data Eraser some of which are listed below:

  • Factory Data Reset restores all the erased data and information on the smartphone to factory settings. It aims in wiping off all user data, settings, apps on Android phone, just like the way of reformatting a hard drive. The user data can still be accessed on almost 40% of phones purchased from the pawn shops after doing the factory reset.
  • But the professional Android data eraser by iSkysoft is a vital data erasing tool that helps the users in wiping everything from the Android phones entirely and permanently. It erases by writing random data on the phone memory to overwrite the privately stored data and ensures with the guarantee that no one else can recover the data ever.

Easy Steps of Erasing Data by iSkysoft Toolbox

The Android data erasing software by iSkysoft Toolbox is easy to use and can wipe the data in 3 steps.

Step 1: Installing and Connecting Android Device

  • For using the iSkysoft Toolbox efficiently, the first step is to launch the iSkysoft Toolbox software on to the computer and connect the Android device to your PC.
  • After launching the software, need to select the ‘Erase’ section from the application menu. Then it needs to plug the Android device to the PC to prepare for erasing the data. In the meanwhile, if the user receives a message on the phone asking to enable the debugging option on the device, then the user should press OK.
  • Before going into erasing your android data, the user should always backup important data and for that they can use the Android data backup function in iSkysoft Toolbox which is essential before erasing all the data permanently.

Step 2: Erasing Android Data

  • In step 2, the software begins to wipe the data of Android device permanently. The user needs to hit the ‘Start’ button for initiating the erasing of all the data on the Android device irreversibly.
  • Then the user needs to confirm the data delete action by typing in “000000” and hit the ‘Erase Now’ button for erasing the data permanently.
  • As the software deletes all the data and settings on Android, then it is obvious to back up all the critical data which can be required later before being erased. The whole process of erasing of data would require some time depending on the size of the stored data on the Android device.

Step 3: Factory Data Reset

  • The 3rd and final step is to perform a factory reset on your Android device by accessing settings then going to ‘Factory data reset’ on the device for erasing all the settings on the Android device.
  • Thus after the confirmation of the ‘Factory data reset’ action, the software will erase all the data stored on the Android device that is irrecoverable forever.

Conclusive Review

After going through the above article, it can be concluded that iSkysoft Toolbox is an undisputed software in erasing the Android data permanently from the Android devices. After its introduction in the market, it has received several positive feedbacks from the customers for its features and functionality in erasing and saving the private data from mishandling and even theft which can be a massive loss for the Android users.

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