How to Delete Apps & Other Stuff from iCloud

iCloud is undoubtedly one of the popular features on your Apple devices as they use it for storing their apps, music, device settings, etc. However, often the need of an app ceases to exist or we realize we don’t need the app anymore. In such a case, we wish to delete the app from iCloud; but not all of us know how to do it. The fact is, one can not actually delete the app, but remove it.

To get a better understanding about how to delete apps from iCloud, let us first know how the iCloud functions.

How to Delete Apps & Other Stuff from iCloud

Most of us have a notion that the iCloud actually stores the purchases and other files, but what is actually done is lists of apps that have been downloaded or purchased are kept in it in order to re-download it for future purpose. To enable the same, the iCloud links each of the items to the actual app on your app store and displays it on your cloud storage. This means that no matter how many apps you have on your phone, they aren’t really occupying space on your iCloud.

Now the question is, how do you delete apps form iCloud? However, as stated above, you can’t really remove them. But, there are always ways to work things out. If you still wish to get rid of the apps, you can hide them instead and it will be equal to not having them.

Hiding apps on iCloud

Now, let us get to the alternative to remove apps from iCloud that is how to hide them. Here are the steps for the same:

Step 1

To begin with, visit the phones App Store; go to Updates followed by Purchased. Here, you will see your list of apps. Let us take the example of Square space Note app for reference. (for your iPhones)

Step 2

On the other hand, for you MAC devices and Windows PCs, go to iTunes and visit the iTunes store. Here, click on purchased. (On the right) You will then be able to view your previous purchases.

Step 3:

Here, click on the apps available on the top. Now that you see a list of app the purchased and downloaded apps. Go to the app you wish to hide and you will find an ‘X’ appear on the top left of the icon.

Step 4:

Click on the ‘X’ and you will be able to hide the app. You will no longer find the app on your iCloud list of purchased apps.

Step 5:

For your iOS devices on the other hand, go to the App Store and Updates and the Purchased list again. You will see the hidden app is no longer present on the list.

However, the above step is valid for devices running on iOS. For iOS 7 and above, you will not be able to hide the app with just the above step. If you want to delete apps from iCloud, you must go to settings and iTunes and app Store, and here sign out from your Apple ID. Now when you go back to App store and see the purchase history, you will find it empty. Sign in and log into it again and the hidden apps shall now be bygones!

And that was about it. We hope your ‘how do I delete apps on iCloud’ query is now clear. However, if for any reasons you want an app back, you can unhide it after having removed the app from iCloud. If your ‘how to delete stuff from iCloud’ has now changed to ‘how to get them back’, we have the solution for you right here.

Un-hiding the hidden apps

Step 1: Go to iTunes on your MAC or Windows devices and visit the hidden purchases.

Step 2: Next, you must click o the Apps tab and your list of hidden apps will be displayed. Next to each app, you will find a button for un-hiding the apps. Click on the apps which you want to un-hide again and you will be able to see them again on your iCloud purchases.

How to delete stuff from iCloud

Often, there is so much that is backed up on your iCloud storage that you run short on space and creating backups becomes a problem. For such situations, you can simply clear some pictures, iMessages and videos regularly. However, apart from doing that, you can as well remove stuff from your iCloud. What you will have to do is delete the data that apps store on your iCloud which will in turn help you clear space.

Here is how you can delete stuff from iCloud:

  • Go to the settings for your device
  • Go to iCloud followed by Storage and Backup.
  • Go to Manage Store
  • Here, under the documents and data option, select the app you wish to delete data for.
  • Tap on edit and then delete button on the left of the file. (those you want to delete)
  • Select the delete button again and give the device a confirmation.
  • In case you want to delete all the files for the give app, you can simply go to the bottom and select delete all.
  • Confirm the deletion.

And that was about how to remove apps from your iCloud. In case you have been wondering how to delete something from iCloud, you have your way out right here. For those who use too many apps, this is one of the greatest ways. You can hide stuff on iCloud and as stated in the later part of the article, delete stuff for particular apps. At the end of it all, clearance of few MBs here and there will always count at the end.

I hope with this article your problem of ‘how to delete something from iCloud’ is now solved and you managed to free up some space on your iCloud.

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