How to Earn Money Online Without any Investment from Home

Did you want to know How to earn money online without any investment. If you have heard from your friend that he is making good money online and you are confused and thinking is it really possible to earn money online. Yes , there are lots of ways to earn money online. If you also want to make money online, and thinking how to start making money online.

How to Earn Money Online Without any Investment from Home

If you are looking to earn money online without any investment. Then i want to tell you , that here you can start without investing money. But you need to invest your time. Like you can not become rich in one night by working online. It takes time, you have to learn and then earn. Keep trying different methods to make easy money online and keep increasing your revenue. In this online world you can earn unlimited and its easy.

How to Earn Money Online Without any Investment

As i said you can earn money from internet without investment. but you have to be dedicated to your work. And in this online money making, the main key to earn is learning. The more you learn, more money you can make. You earn from your own experiments and by reading other experiences. So just keep reading other money making tactics and try it yourself.

Here are some tested ways to earn money online, they are real ways that i am using to earn money from online jobs. But before you start , i again want to warn you , that it takes time , efforts and dedication. Its easy but not that easy. Let us see the easy money making tricks without investment.

Earn Money Online without Investment by Clicking Ads

Earn Money Online without Investment by Clicking Ads

This is one of the simplest method to make money online, even a person who is not much familiar to internet and computer can do this. But this is very low paying job, you will be not paid very high for clicking ads. But its very easy and very less time consuming. You can complete your tasks in 5-10 minutes.

In this job , you need to sign up for some ad networks or PTC sites like Probux, Neobux. Now you have to login each day to view ads and click on ads.

What i have to do to earn money by clicking ads ?

  • Join some best Paid to click sites like Probux, Neobux.
  • Now login everyday to your account.
  • Click all your ads daily.
  • Refer more of your friend to join these networks.
  • You will also get some percentage of your referral.

So its very easy online job to earn money. You can earn $300-$500 per month by just viewing ads. But you have to be regular as missing single day can decrease your earnings.

Earn Money Online without Investment by Typing

earn money by typing

You must surely heard this or you may have get offer from some one for online typing jobs. Yes there are lots of typing jobs online and you can make money by typing. Like you can do online Captcha Typing job or Data entry job.

Data Entry Job or Online Typing Work

data entry jobs

There are many companies which offers data entry work. Basically these companies mail you scanned copies of documents any you have convert these documents into text i.e you have to type the written text in MS word. And then you have to mail this to them , then they analyze for errors. And they deduct some amount for each mistake.

So you have to be very careful while doing data entry job, you can lose your project if errors are high. And you must read the precaution you must take on Online jobs that i will write in the end of this article.

Online Captcha Typing Jobs

Captcha typing job is very simple, you just have to fill the captcha shown in image and you will be paid for every thousand captcha filled.

Online Captcha Typing Jobs

First you need to register on Online captcha filling job, now you have to loin into your account and start filling captcha from the image.

Though the pay is not high, but in 5 hours of work daily you can earn upto Rs 25000 easily.

Online Content Writer Job

This job is easy for those who have good English and can write articles or posts. Basically there are many sites, which pay for content. You have to write article for them and they will pay you for each article. You can get Rs 50 to $100 or Rs 5000 for each articles.

To do this job , beside English you need to have good knowledge of the field you are writing for. For writing, reading is also necessary. So you must have good reading habit, as it is only source through which you can get knowledge about that field.

How to Make Money with Google Adsense

There are many ways to make money with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is basically a revenue generate program for publishers. In this program you can take Ad units from Google adsense and can apply it to your blog, mobile app and to Youtube video. But to get Google Adsense approve for your blog or Video , you should follow all the guidelines and your blog or website should fulfill their criteria. From Google Adsense you can generate great revenue from $100 to millions of dollars. Let’s discuss in detail How can you generate revenue from Google Adsense.

Make Money Blogging

As such it is very easy to make money with a blog, but it takes time. You can not start earning from day one. It all depends on your blog niche, traffic and rankings. To make money on your blog, you need to have good traffic on your blog. As without traffic, you can not earn more.

make money with blogs

You can start your blog with zero investment on blogspot, wordpress or Tumblr etc. They will provide you a domain with their extension and hosting. For a beginner it is good to start with these or if you want to invest you can buy your own custom domain and hosting. The investment is not much you can start with Rs 1500/ year.

Now you can install WordPress on your server, its very easy to install and run WordPress. It is the best CMS for blog. There are millions of users of WordPress, and has lot of forum, plugins theme. So if you find any problem with wordpresss, you can get its solution very easily. that’s why i recommend you WordPress, its open source and free.

Now when you done your setup, you need to write content, but writing content is not enough. You need to follow SEO guideline for writing content. And also there are lots of thing you need to do to run and rank your blog on search engine.

To make money from blogging with Google adsense, you need to have blog with at least 6 month old. And you should have original content and there are many other requirement to get Adsense approved.

Beside Adsense you can earn from many other Ad network like, Infolink etc. Or you can go for Sponsored post or you can go for affilate. There are many ways to make money with a blog.

 Earn Money from Youtube

make money with youtube

To earn money from Youtube , you need to be very creative and should have some knowledge of video making and editing. If you can make video on any topic that people like to watch you can make money. Like if you can make funny videos, pranks or some tutorial video. People generally watch such videos. Now on Youtube you will be paid for every views. Here also you need to monetise your Youtube video with Google Adsense, if they approve your video you can earn from $1-$10/ thousand views, its depends on your topic and audience.

Earn Money with Apps

make money apps

Did you know you can earn money from mobile, yes there apps that gives you money for completing some task. To earn money from mobile apps, you first need to download and install that app in your phone. And then you need to sign up. Now these apps like mcent, Champcash and other will give you some tasks.

Like in Mcent you need to install and try apps, then you will get free mobile recharge. And you will also get money for referral. Here is the list of top mobile recharge earning apps.

Making Money with Affiliate Programs

Making Money with Affiliate Programs

Affiliate income is best source of earning money online. You can earn unlimited money with affiliate programs. People are earning Rs 4-5 lakhs and more by just affiliate marketing. Every company has their own affiliate network, like Flipkart, Amazon and almost all eCommerce company has their own affiliate system. Otherwise there are affiliate network , through which you can get offers. Then you can select the offer and then promote it.

Now you will get paid for each conversion. You just need to promote the offer, you can use your blogs, PPC marketing or another source.

 Legitimate Work from Home as Freelancer

You can earn money from working at home, if you are good at anything like programing, graphic designing, video editing, writing or any other thing. If you can do anything you can earn.

How to earn as a Freelancer ?

Freelancer jobs

  •  Go to any freelancing website like Elance, Freelancer or any other.
  • Now make your good profile on this describing your talent or skills in detail. Just describe what you can do, whether you are freelance writer, freelance programer, freelance designer or anything.
  • If you have sample of your work , you can also add that, this will increase the change of getting more work.
  • Now bid on different projects , get the deal done.
  • Complete project and get money.

That’s it join the networks, the better your quality of work, people will rate it high and you will get more work.

So these are some simple ways to earn money online without investment. There are many other online jobs that require little bit investment, you can also go for them. This online world is full of jobs and opportunity. And there is no limit of work and money. Even no time limit, you can work at anytime, at night or time which suits you. And most important you are your own Bose.

Many people have left their jobs and start these money making online jobs from home. You too can start at part time. Just start, you will surely got some job for you. And also share these ways to make money online without investment with your friends.

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