How to Get Pokemon on iPhone (without Jailbreaking)

How to Get Pokemon on iPhone 

If you want to play the Pokemon games on your iPhone then there are two methods available from which you can play Pokemon on iPhone. Here you will get the Pokemon game for iPhone without the jailbreaking method. For this you need to Download Pokemon Emulator for iPhone.

pokemon on iphone

How to Get Pokemon on iPhone (Without Jailbreaking)

In this method we will guide you, how to play Pokemon on iPhone without jailbreak.

1. First, Install the GBA4iOS Emulator 

First, Install the GBA4iOS Emulator

In order to install the GBA Emulator on your iPhone, you will need to adjust the date & time of your Phone. You will need to change the date & time every time you reset or restart your phone to install GBA Emulator.

& do not let your iPhone set Date & time automatically by toggling it to off. You need to adjust your time zone to successfully install this GBA4iOS Emulator.

(Set the Date back to 1 month of to be safe before installing GBA4iOS Emulator)

2. You can also Play Nintendo DS Versions Games on iPhone 

You can also Play Nintendo DS Versions Games on iPhone

Now, Go to Safari Browser & Type the If you want to Play the Nintendo DS Version of Pokemon Games, you will need the NDS4iOS Emulator on your iPhone, which can be downloaded from the website.

3. Now, Download and install the GBA4iOS 

Download & install GBA

Now, you should find the options for Downloading the GBA4iOS. Download the GBA4iOS 2.0.X or the GBA4iOS 2.0 for the iOS 7 or 8.

(If you are running your iPhone on the iOS 6 then download the GBA4iOS 1.6.2)

4. Open GBA4iOS & click on Trust button 

Open GBA4iOS & click on Trust button

After downloading and installing the whole process on GBA4iOS, then click on the Trust button when prompted to run the App.

5. Search for Pokemon ROM & download it 

Search for Pokemon ROM & download it

Now, search for the Pokemon ROM File on the GBA4iOS Emulator. Go to Google and search for Pokemon ROM to play the game.

(Use Safari to search for ROM files to download it)

(For downloading ROM file legally, you need to own the games physically)

6. That’s it, Now you can Play Pokemon games on your iPhone for free

(After running GBA4iOS for the first time, you can return to your settings and also set Date and Time back to automatic)

So, follow this step by step process and Get Pokemon on iPhone (without Jailbreaking).

Now enjoy the Pokemon game on iPhone without jailbreaking, if you get any problem in installing Pokemon for iPhone. Just comment your query here.

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