How to Open Chrome Mobile Bookmarks on Desktop Chrome

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Google Chrome is perhaps the most widely used browser today. With all the thousands of Android smartphones that are produced each minute, you can guess it right that Chrome will be the default browser for more than 70% of those phones. This is because Google Chrome is highly Versatile, stable and prolific when it comes to Smartphones and tablets. The situation does not differ either when PC’s come into question. For instance, if you are reading this article on a computer, there is a high likelihood that you are using Google Chrome.

From the deductions above, you can tell that for any person using Google Chrome on their smartphone, the probability is that they are also using Chrome on their personal computer. Therefore having a system that can keep things in sync between your Chrome for mobile and your PC’s Chrome browser, could be a real live saver. Thanks to Google, they have provided for this link to make sure that what you did on your smartphone can also be recovered on your PC and vice versa.

The good thing with Google Chrome, it does not discriminate on your device’s model type or OS. This feature will work 100% efficiently regardless of your devices Operating system. All you need is to have Chrome installed in both devices; be it a MacOS laptop and an Android phone or a Windows PC and an iPad, or any other device combination.

This Google Chrome auto sync will come in handy especially if you want to access your bookmarks on both your desktop and mobile. Let’s have a look at how we can access chrome mobile bookmarks on a desktop PC Chrome browser;

How to view Chrome Mobile Bookmarks on PC Chrome

The process is quite straightforward but will rely heavily on the Chrome Version that you are using for both devices. Some Chrome browser versions are not supported for this operation and therefore it’s important that you verify whether you are using the latest Chrome browser.

  1. Open Chrome and Sign In

If you are using a computer, the Chrome sign in option will appear after clicking on the menu icon on the top right side of your window. Once you have clicked the menu, open settings and click SIGN INTO CHROME. If you are using a smartphone, sign into Chrome through the menu icon just as you have done on PC.

  1. Open Bookmarks

On PC the bookmarks option is located on the far-right corner of your address bar. Click the icon. If you are using Chrome Browser on your Android phone, you will get an option to sign in using your Google Apps Account so as to access the bookmarks.

  1. Sync Your Bookmarks (How to Sync Chrome Bookmarks)

Now, this is the tricky part. When Syncing bookmarks you need to sign in with the same Google Account both on your smartphone and on your PC. You can verify this by checking whether both your browsers read (Signed into Google as ****** where the stars represent your Google email account.) Once you have your account active on both devices and you can see your bookmarks sections on both devices, now it’s time to sync them.

Turn on the Sync Button and ascertain that your Bookmarks are activated for sync. Afterward, choose what to sync. Whatever you wish to sync on your Chrome browsers is entirely up to you. You can choose to Sync Everything, including your bookmarks, history, passwords, Open Tabs, Auto Form Fill information and many other details. However, we do not recommend syncing private stuff on public PC’s only sync your browsers with your own private gadgets. Sensitive data such as Passwords should be avoided for syncs. But since today’s topic was on Bookmarks, select sync Bookmarks and Save.

  1. Confirm that Sync is Activated and Bookmarks are imported

On Your PC open your Chrome Bookmarks manager or use this shortcut to do that (Ctrl+Shift+O). Once you have done that scroll down and you will see a newly created folder called Mobile Bookmarks. All your mobile bookmarks should be here.

You can also access your PC bookmarks from mobile Chrome using the same folder. Unfortunately, the Mobile Bookmarks folder does not show on your bookmarks tab and therefore you have to open the bookmarks manager through the process we showed you, to access it.

That’s all!

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