How to Reopen Recently Closed Tab in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox

We all have at-least once ended up closing tabs on our browsers accidentally. With so much to browse and such clutter, we tend to make quick clicks in successions and in the process we end up closing tabs we weren’t supposed to. In this article I will tell you how to reopen a closed tab.

With so much to browse and so much to look up on the net, we always end up opening scores of tabs on our web browsers. In the process of trying to clear them or while closing the unwanted taps, we simply end up closing those we need to. For all those times, it then seems to be quite a task to get back to those tabs. Not to forget, all the times we close the entire browser itself. Therefore, there are a couple of ways to open last closed tab or restoring the accidentally closed tabs.

Here, we will talk about restoring the tabs for the two major web browsers, including Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox.

How To Reopen A Recently Closed Tab in Google Chrome

So, as stated above already, we often find ourselves in a mess while surfing through the internet. One of the biggest mess, or the problem that we land up in is closing tabs by mistake and then find in ways for opening them again.

So here, I will list down a couple of ways on how to open recently closed tabs in Chrome. There are multiple ways to restore the tabs and all of them are very simple and easy to apply. Have a look at them and you could thank us later!

1. Through Chrome Menu

Well, this is the go to place and the first thing that comes to our mind. When struggling to reopen closed tab in Chrome, you can simply go to the settings followed by history and recent tabs. From here, simply visit the tab that you are looking for.

recent closed tab in chrome

Also, you must know that you can’t open very old tabs from this menu, which is it will show only the recent of recent tabs.

2. The keyboard shortcut to Open a Closed Tab

The keyboard shortcut is your answer to how to close last opened tab. This keyboard shortcut is ideally meant to be used when you want to reopen recently closed tab, the last one to be precise. This is the kind of method which will come in handy for the times you want to open the tab you just closed mistakenly.

chrome shortcut to open closed tabThe keyboard shortcut is: Ctrl + Shift + T in case of Windows while it is Command + Alt + T for Mac devices.

This option will only open the last close tab, to open more close tabs. Keep trying the shortcut.

3. Chrome History

The above two options are usable for recently closed tabs or the last tab only, while this option can be used for tabs that have been closed even earlier. Until and unless you have been using the browser with ‘Incognito mode’, you can look up for the tabs from your history.

You can go to history from settings or you can as well view history with Ctrl + H from your keyboard. You need to simply browse through the history and open the tab you wish to browse from!

For all other times you find your Google Chrome crashing down, you can simply restore the session and you will have your tabs back. No worries at all! And that was about how to reopen a recently closed tab on Google Chrome. Next, let us move on to Mozilla Firefox.

How To Open A Closed Tab in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox pretty much has pretty much the same functions as that of Google Chrome as far as the working are concerned. You can have the last closed tab on Firefox right away with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T. Also, you can open the last tab you closed with a right click on the title bar, and here, you will have to choose the option which says ‘Undo Close Tab‘ and not reopen closed tab.

undo close tab
In case you have been looking for older tabs, the ones which you have recently closed, you can go to the history with a Ctrl + H and from here browse the tab that you are on the lookout for.

mozilla history

Mozilla Firefox isn’t as spontaneous as Google Chrome is as far as the general terms of use are concerned. However, in case the web browser crashes, you will still be prompted to restore the tab/last session automatically. While you are closing multiple tabs, Mozilla displays a warning which might help you prevent closing tabs which you don’t otherwise want to. In addition to that, if you still are unable to reopen recently closed tabs, you can visit Firefox start page and there, click on Restore Previous Session and you will be good to go!

And that was about how to open recently closed tabs on Mozilla Firefox. The next time you find yourself stuck up in such a situation where you need to reopen the last tab or recently opened tab, you know what to do and how to work it up.

So now that you know how to open recently closed tab in Google chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox, you are good to go. No worrying about accidentally closed tabs anymore; why fear when we are here?

The steps that have been stated above are quite similar and the basic process for both remains the same, you no longer have to shuffle between tabs to find an easy way out. You have a range of options to choose from, be it the last opened tab or the last few or even the older ones.

Having said and done all this, go through the steps and you are sorted. No more worrying over closed tabs and no whining anymore.


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