HTC Publicize the Blockchain Powered Phone: HTC Exodus

Cryptocurrencies, blockchain has their feet now everywhere around the globe no doubt. Folks are investing quite a lot in it and that is visible. In the very same scenario, HTC announces the launch world’s second blockchain-powered phone- HTC Exodus. Since we have already heard about Finney by Sirin Labs, we can conclude to have more and better blockchain powered phone soon in the market.

Finney claims to let people store the digital currencies and them with skipping the transaction fees. The phone is costing around $1000 whereas HTC will launch its Blockchain powered phone which will feature universal cryptocurrency wallet.

HTC is planning to get each of its forthcoming Exodus smartphones to be the ruling key on the node of the blockchain network. HTC lately got back to its hardware market and plans to work in the blockchain, so it is necessary to put a strong mark in the cryptocurrency space.

HTC announces the launch Blockchain Powered Phone: HTC Exodus

Phil Chen, the Executive Chairman of HTC seized the stage and announced,”The HTC Exodus is the imminent Android Smartphone project(release is yet to be decided). It will be the world’s first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security

Features of HTC Exodus

  • It uses the most “Trusted Hardware”
  • It will work with multiple protocols with the goal of interoperability among blockchains.
  • The focus is on bringing streamlined phone user experience to Dapp community with increasing the Dapp user base.
  • Increased nodes in the way to decentralization. The company wants to double, triple the number of nodes of Bitcoins and Ethereum.
  • It offers Open Mindedness towards the collective wisdom of the folks.

In the beginning, Exodus phone will come with the support of the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dfinity networks. However, it is likely to roll up in more partnerships in the upcoming months. The company claims to support the entire blockchain system.

HTC aims to build a device which will empower the user to own their own identity and data and let that be on the cloud platform. Not only professionals but the end user can also truly own their data without the need of central authorities.

“There is a lot of work ahead of us, but I believe the mobile hardware layer can contribute significantly to our new decentralized world, said Chen.”

He even added, the company will accept the payment of phone as cryptocurrency also, when it will be available to the users.

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