HTC’s New Flagship Coming Soon | Release Date and More Details

One can always expect a good smartphone from HTC’s end undoubtedly. However, its market is not into launching too many smartphones continuously or all together or consequently. The company takes sufficient time, analyze the reviews and put up a step ahead.

It’s not been so long since we had have heard of HTC U11 and U11 plus. Both the smartphones were launched with the aim to compete the top class market, hence, HTC launched both of them with high-end specifications and nevertheless, high-end-price. Well, if we mingle in it more, then the high-end devices by HTC, weren’t worthy to the price tag HTC has given.

Coming to the topic, here goes the HTC’s new boom. HTC is about to launch U12 on 23rd of May 2018. The device is expected to be the major release with the maintained uniqueness of its own, unlike following the trend of top notch. Sources up-till disclose that the device isn’t rolling in what other companies are releasing. Despite this, they are releasing the break from the new flagship of Android devices. No notch flagship Android smartphone.

The tweet reveals the tagline as “a phone that is more than the sum of its specs.” This defines that the device will just not comprise the latest and best of hardware components but other parts of the device also. Since in U11 3000mAH battery, Image stabilization, Headphone Jack and some minor faults were found and unliked by the users. It is expected that the upcoming device, the U12 will cover all.

Not sure if the upcoming device will look like this or something different, but the dual camera is the sure thing which we will be going to see. More news reveals that the upcoming smartphones might not carry the headphone jack as HTC already started delivering devices without the headphone jack.

While the peeps around are getting crazy for the notch, not sure how the device will stand in the competition. Moreover, the device is releasing just after one week of OnePlus 6 release.

Let’s see what shows up in upcoming devices. Stay tuned for more updates.



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