INKCASE I7 FOR IPHONE 7: Something You Must Have for Your iPhone

There are various varieties of iPhone 7 back covers available at online as well as offline markets. Some of them come with flip covers while others simply impart back protection to the phone. The major task of using these covers is to protect the very fragile LED screen of the phone from getting cracked or scratched. You can any ordinary back cover for iPhone but it won’t get any attention from anyone so, here we have the INKCASE for you. However, the features that INKCASE I7 has are possessed by none.

Inkcase specifications

The INKCASE I7 FOR iPHONE 7 has its own features and peculiarities. Ordinary covers have different designs, color options, prices, and benefits. One can choose them according to the age group, gender, requirements and price budgets. However, INKCASE I7 FOR IPHONE 7 is the best for all age groups. It is not gender or age group specific because of which tends to best suit upon teenage or younger age group. Likewise, black or brown colored leather covers are apt for elder age group; INKCASE I7 FOR IPHONE 7 is the best for all.

INKCASE Specifications

iPhone damage has always been a heart throbbing thing for the mobile owner. The most expensive gadget can really put a dent in your pocket if it happens to fall. Hence, you must have something to protect it. The latest INKCASE I7 FOR IPHONE 7 taps the e-ink technique for giving a secondary display to the users. There is negligible power requirement for the back display that allows it to remain on for a longer time span.

Inkcase Display

The technology of INKCASE I7 FOR IPHONE 7 caters both i7 and i6s, i6. The 4.3-inch display screen will comprise of all the notifications such as E-books, social media, and emails. The tiny screen notifies you every event exactly the way the main screen does. Since the screen is able to manage the workload of the phone, it extends its battery life significantly. The INKCASE I7 FOR IPHONE 7 comes with an anti-glare feature that lets you read things below the sunlight. You can customize wallpapers, and pictures to keep you fresh all day long.  Also, the case has been embedded with drop-proof protection that lets you handle it carelessly.

INKCASE I7 FOR IPHONE 7 comes with bubble pro technique that gives more rigidity and substance to it. The jerks are absorbed and distributed throughout the casing for giving a complete peace of mind to the user.

How to Use

Now let’s see how we can use the Ink Case with our iPhone. As you know that Inkcase has the 4.3-inch display, which can show you content. Now see how you can use it for your phone and what type of content it shows. The INK case Display has different modes as reading mode, Picture mode, widgets. You can read any book or news through the INK Case display but how that’s the question? You have to Download the Ink Case app from the App Store and pair the Ink Case and iPhone with Bluetooth. Once it was done you can easily control the INKCASE with the help of the App.

To navigate between the mode you just have to tap on the button available on the below the screen. The buttons are not physically in the case you just have to tap on that with a gentle gesture.

Reading Mode

Ink case reading

If you want to read any document or book in from the inkcase, then it only possible through the INK case app. You have to upload the document into the Ink Case memory and after that you can read it.

Picture Mode

Ink case picture

As we know that Inkcase have the picture view mode also and you can access that from the buttons on the Case. You can capture any images and upload that on the inkcase memory. The picture will be shown to you in black and white through Inkcase display. The loss point of the Inkcase is it can not store the too much photos. But still, have a decent memory. If you want to delete some data then it can also be done from the Inkcase directly, you won’t have to access the Inkcase app.


Ink case features

This is another mode of the Inkcase and a great one. Once it is connected to your smartphone the Inkcase will automatically sync the Time, Dates, Calendar, and your health info. So, you won’t have to look at your phone again and again.


Inkcase protection

iPhone 7 has recently captured the market with its incomparable specs and looks. The phone has been purchased by millions of people across the globe and is being duly appreciated for its looks and features it has. In case you are looking forward to a rugged all over protection of the new iPhone 7 then INKCASE I7 FOR IPHONE 7 is the best option. Just like any other cover, INKCASE I7 FOR IPHONE 7 also helps in protection of the Smartphone you have. They protect the tiny gadget against the following threats:

  • Water spillage
  • Screen crack
  • Screen scratches
  • Dirtying of the phone
  • Shocks (caused because of accidental slip away of the phones)

Currently, matte covers with foam fittings are available at multiple online sites. Matte INKCASE I7 FOR IPHONE 7 comes up with silicone skin that tends to hug your beloved gadget tight thereby not letting dust and water get its way into it. The hard shell covers are readily available in multiple colors. There are convenient cuts for the camera and charging ports. However, buttons shall have a covering over them which might hinder your access to the phone to some extent. The phone adds up a convenient grip that lets you handle it wise ease. INKCASE I7 FOR IPHONE 7does not have that extra weight. It is absolutely user-friendly and malleable so that you can flaunt it forever.

Over To You

Guy’s if you using iPhone 7, 6s, or 6 then you know how much it is important to keep it running for a long time. After all, iPhone is more costly than your body organs. So keep your phone safe with the InkCase because just one case and have all the features which no one does. Share it with others also so users who is unsing the iPhonw will let know about this cool new case.


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