InMotion Web Hosting Review and Promo Coupon Code Offers

May be many of you are already aware of InMotion Hosting and some of you might have used their services too. It is possible because InMotion is one of the largest web hosting provider who is providing its services to thousands of users in multiple countries. Although, there are few brands that are older and much bigger than InMotion but this company is growing rapidly and many webmasters tend to buy hosting plans of InMotion rather than going to another provider.

InMotion Web Hosting Review

There is a strong reason behind it, companies that are more established offer expensive plans with less features because of their brand value. Of course the brand value matters, but a common user want better service and maximum return by spending less amount of money. InMotion is a company which has been serving for past 15 years and have a consistency in their performance which allows people to trust them. Apart from this they offer excellent web hosting plans that suit everyone and come at affordable prices.


Why InMotion?

There are multiple reasons to choose InMotion as your web hosting provider and one by one I will put all the things across my viewers that actually impressed me.

First of all, their outstanding customer service which is essential for users like me. They have a U.S. based technical support and you would never feel while talking to the representative that what he/she is talking about? The agents over the phone response faster but you might need to wait during the chat session in a queue. It always seems that the agents are smart and don’t waste time by following unnecessary steps if they are not required.

Apart from the technical support via phone or chat, there are plenty of useful resources such as user guides and the knowledge base articles available for the users that help you to master everything quickly and clear most of the doubts. You can also forward your issue via emails and they will be fixed soon. This option helps a lot when phone support faces heavy call volume and chats are down.

For a beginner InMotion hosting plans are the best because they doesn’t just reduce your burden by their splendid functionality, but also provides tons of applications that help you to build and manage website, transfer websites/domains, scan and protect your data, handle multiple websites with one account and do a lot more.

You may think that web hosting plans offered by InMotion are not the cheapest and there are several other companies offer Shared and VPS hosting at a lesser price, but there is one more thing that should be taken care of, quality. InMotion has its presence in the market since 2001 and is highly popular because of its outstanding performance over the years. The plans that are offered by InMotion are too expensive and exceed in terms of specifications from most of its competitors.

InMotion Hosting Plans

Shared Business Hosting


If you are an owner of a small or a medium business enterprise, have a website or blog that receives an average amount of traffic and looking for an entry level hosting plan which is not too expensive then the Shared Hosting plans of InMotion are recommended for you. In this business hosting plans your website will share a vast server along with multiple other websites and would be able to take advantage of resources provided by the host such as bandwidth, storage or disk space.

shared-planning-comparisons It is a great option for those who are new to web hosting because all three plans Launch, Power and Pro that are offered by InMotion are affordable and includes several features that can help you to run your website faster and with more efficiency. You can always switch to further plans like Virtual Private Server Hosting or Dedicated hosting in future when you start getting a high amount of traffic on the website continuously.

If you are a novice and require a suitable environment to develop your programming skills that Shared hosting plans of InMotion can help you to do so. These plans provide you an application installer named Softaculous which lets you download more than 400 useful applications such as WordPress which is the most famous and open-source Content Management Systems (CMS), Online Marketplaces like Magento, OpenCart and Prestashop, Joomla and Drupal etc. so that you can get the most out of your website.

VPS Hosting


VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting provides you a dedicated portion within the shared hosting server where you can run your own virtual operating system. Although multiple website share same hardware in VPS hosting yet each account gets the facility of being in its own machine and the ability of customisation which eventually results in advance performance at a decent price.


It is true that you get a totally separate server in dedicated hosting and your host network connection will not be shared with anyone else but you need to invest more and require top level of technical expertise to manage it that’s why they are suitable for large businesses. On the other side if you have a shared hosting plan and other users on the server are experiencing high-traffic then it can affect your output for sure.

Owner of an online store or business with a rapid growth rate can rely better on cost effective VPS hosting as it not just lets your website remain isolated in your own partition on the server but also provides assured threshold of storage, RAM and bandwidth. It also lets you customise your own section.

Dedicated Server Hosting


If you have a shared, VPS or reseller hosting account already, but require a dedicated server to meet the needs of your business, then you can upgrade anytime to any of the six dedicated hosting plans and only the cost of upgrade will be applied to you. There won’t be any additional cost to move everything from your current account to the new server. However, there could be a short amount of downtime during that process.

dedicated-plans-comparisons Usually the standard setup process of a dedicated server takes around 24 hours and turn around time for a custom set up is 24-48 hours. Though, it may take longer in the case of emergency. InMotion manages hardware of the server and pre-installed LAMP stack with web host manager. InMotion takes responsibility of any hardware failure and offers 2 hours hardware replacement guarantee. You can also upgrade your hardware as InMotion offers hardware customisation.

Features of InMotion Hosting Plans

Let’s have a look at the features that you get in individual hosting plans of share, VPS and dedicated hosting.


Shared Business Hosting Features

You get a free domain name worth $14.99 included in your package and even, if you don’t have a website ready, you can use the free drag-and-drop website builder to craft beautiful websites. If you already have a website with a different host then you can move it to InMotion’s server without any downtime or any sensitive data loss.


You can transfer maximum three cPanel accounts, database or websites for free if there are more than three accounts/websites then you can transfer website with a charge of $10 per item. If you don’t know how to transfer a website then support team is available to walk you through the entire process in a simple manner.

As I mentioned earlier, there are three Business Hosting plans available and Launch, Power and Pro that allow users to host 2, 6 and unlimited websites with one account respectively. All three plans provide free data backup, 24/7 customer support, free advertising credits worth $250, over 400 free applications, spam safe email with IMAP and come with 90 days money back guarantee.

After buying your share hosting package you can log into the account control panel and seek options to register or transfer domains, purchase SSL certificates, access cPanel, set up email and many more. There are multiple education channels to set up the account and a free resource guide is available to enhance the website’s performance.

InMotion VPS Hosting Features


The VPS Hosting plans of InMotion are powered by Virtual Private Servers and everlasting availability of the cloud. The improved infrastructure is based on network of clusters that provide real time expandability for your portion and safeguard all your data. There are three powerful and reliable hosting plans VPS-1000HA-S, VPS-2000HA-S and VPS-3000HA-S are available that are capable enough to support different configurations and handle multiple situations.

InMotion runs multiple separate virtualized operating systems on one physical server using Parallels Virtuozzo Container. You can easily emulate your VPS partition during the process of maintenance or development using the new Snapshot feature. It sounds similar to the data back, but it isn’t because your backup files are stored on the same physical server. The exact copy of your partition can help you to get back to the previous situation if anything goes wrong during the development.

All three VPS hosting plans offer High availability, resource monitoring dashboard, snapshots, free domain included in 6 and 12 months plans, Full cPanel License worth $200/year for free, host unlimited websites or domains, free solid state drive, 2-3 IP address as per the plan, unlimited MySQL database, CentOS and unlimited email and FTP accounts. They do not lock down any account to a certain number of CPU cores, but if you are using so much of the CPU, which affects other users, then they will either move you to another server or ask to upgrade the plan.

All three VPS hosting plans offer 24/7/365 customer support via phone, chat, email and knowledge center. VPS-2000HA-S having a 12 month plan and VPS-3000HA-S customers get 2 hours of Managed Hosting by the  team of system administrators upon purchase.

Dedicated Servers Feature


There are total six types of dedicated server Essential, Advance, Elite, Commercial Class 500, Commercial Class 1000 and Commercial Class 2000 are available for the users. Each plan provides you free SSDs for faster load time and you can have single or dual core Intel Xeon processor as per the plan for your dedicated server. All types of servers offer 24/7 U.S. based technical support and a 30 days money back guarantee.

If you purchase a standard dedicated server then you get 2 hours of top notch support from the managed hosting team of InMotion and if you go for a commercial class server then you receive 4 hours support. This can be used to do essential things such transferring websites along with data from your current hosting provider to the new dedicated server.

You get 5 to 15 dedicated IP addresses  for free with your plan, but if you want to add extra IP addresses then you will be charged $2 per month or $24 per year upfront. You get a full license of cPanel with web host manager preinstalled on your dedicated server. Their net uptime is 99.999% because of the smart routing technology and redundancies in the network to avoid errors.

Pros of InMotion Hosting

  • InMotion has managed to provide the average up time of around 99.96 % consistently in past twelve months.
  • There average page load time is 534ms which is faster than their competitors.
  • The customer support of InMotion is excellent and the agent responds quickly.
  • InMotion doesn’t charge you extra for site transfer from your current host.
  • They provide free data backup and also let you manually emulate the partition in VPS hosting.
  • InMotion offers an easy to use wizard to connect Google App.
  • Good for beginners as they get tons of useful features in shared hosting plans.
  • They offer 90 and 30 days money back guarantee as per the hosting plan.
  • They provide multiple facility such as payment processors to run eCommerce website smoothly.

Cons of InMotion Hosting

  • You get a low advertised price only if you sign up for 24 months otherwise the costs rises a bit.
  • Those who are outside U.S. generally do not get instant access to their account as InMotion requires phone verification of all its customers.
  • They offer site backup up to 10GB and you can restore files of backed up sites once in four months, for additional facilities you need to pay $49 extra.

InMotion WebHosting Discount Coupons

I’m sure if you have read this far have decided to go with InMotion hosting plans because of its topnotch features and uptime guarantee. If yes, we have some discount coupons for you that you can apply at checkout to save your hard-earned money. Have a look at all the best InMotion Discount coupons below.

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InMotion is a top-rated web hosting provider by CNET and has been maintaining that position for past 13 years due to their excellent service. It is definitely a web hosting company that most of the webmasters trust. Their customer support that doesn’t let you go with any doubt in mind and they have tie-up with most famous open-source platforms such as WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla etc. that lets users run their websites and online store in a better way.

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