How to secure your Instagram Account and Prevent it from Hacking? Top things to do now

“Instagram Security” countably the issue to focus on. I have always been sceptic about social media. Drooling on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram, I’m all left as a geek towards all of them. Back then, who thought of these platforms will be crazily important to all of us. Counting from school grade to youth to old age people. We are so much engaged in all of it. In the recent years, the online security issue has taken the central place on the internet.

Instagram is most common and user-friendly application to share photos across the globe. It has reached a huge no. of accounts in the very short span of time. From big celebrities to a very casual person, everyone uses it too fondly. It is now a primary tool to share the life happenings with the friends and family. Some even use it as an apparatus to earn money. People post pictures, put up a price and sell their stuff.

Instagram Security – Essential Steps for Privacy Enhancement, Prevent Instagram Account Hack

With the increased influence of social media, the threat to its security is also huge. Social media platform like Instagram is a powerful tool. It can have a great impact on people’s life if its access goes into the wrong hands. I do not need to explain all the things one can do with your account if its hacked or have some security vulnerabilities, using which cybercriminals can acquire Instagram passwords. Hence, Instagram security is highly important.

These days social life influences much more than our normal life. It directly affects our mindset. So it is quite important to focus on the security measures. Let’s see what steps we can take to make our Instagram account more secure.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a security feature that prevents unauthorised access to your Instagram account from an unknown device. Every time you try to log-in from a new device you will be asked to enter an OTP code or backup code.

You can enable it by tapping on the three dots icon on the top right corner.

Access to third-party apps

Instagram can also be linked to the third party services like Facebook. It surely gives you more features but can create a loophole in your Instagram account.

Location Access

As apps become more feature rich, the mobile operating system also has to adapt to overcome the security challenge an application can pose to the user privacy. Latest iOS 11 and Android 7 onwards, more emphasis has been put on the user security and privacy.

Instagram can access your location through your smartphone. While It does not automatically post the location but it is always a best practice to prohibit the location access to Instagram for increased security.

Photo Tag Manually Approve

It is possible that some photo of yours can be tagged by anyone. It can be seen by your friend or family without you approving it. So, you should approve every photo manually on social media.

To enable manually approve photo tag on Instagram go to Photos of You. Tap on the menu button and go to Tagging Options. Choose the option add photos manually.

Social media is a great invention. It brings people together and keeps them connected. It represents the true freedom of speech as there are minimum restrictions. Instagram has a huge user database. It allows people to stay updated with the activities happening around them. But, the security issues cannot be neglected. The privacy concern is high as Instagram keeps all your activities track as you post a picture.

Using above methods can make a huge improvement in the basic security of your Instagram account. Things like two-factor authentication and location access keep your private posts secure from the unauthorised access.

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