iOS 12 Leaks, Rumours, Expected New Features and Release Date

Mobile technology has revolutionized a lot of things around us. Nowadays, the smartphone has become a necessity for almost all of us. The availability of mobile operating systems like iOS and Android have made it more versatile. We can see new features and technology hitting the market frequently. iOS running on Apple iPhone provides top-notch performance with a user-friendly interface.

ios 12 release date rumors

iOS 12 Release Date – Expected New Features, Rumours

The first version of iOS released in 2007. It was highly successful and made the iPhone to the top of the smartphone market. After the first release, there were many versions released with more improved features and better UI.

ios 12 rumors
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Currently, the iOS 11 is the most recent one which is available on the iPhone X and 8. Other iPhone models are also receiving the updates for the latest release. The next iPhone release by Apple will also be the release time for iOS 12, which is highly anticipated.

Apple iOS has evolved a lot since the time it was first released. The newest version has made some significant changes like including gesture control. The iPhone X does not have the home button so gesture navigation is present to control the phone.

The thing about iOS  11 that was most talked was that it exhibits some bug issues. Although the company is working on fixing the bugs there needs to be major improvements in the upcoming version.

We will talk about the leaks and rumors, expected release date about iOS 12 here. Also, what we expect from it. Going deep into the rumors that are surfacing on the internet we find some interesting news about it. The tech community has so many expectations from the upcoming iOS.

iOS 12 Top Expected Features, Rumours and Leaks

ios 12 rumors

Bug Fix & Performance Improvements

The first biggest changes and most obvious we are going to see is the major bug fixes that are present in the iOS 11. This time it is going to be focused on the stability rather than including new features. More effort will be put on improving performance to support heavy gaming.

Lock Screen

ios 12 release date rumors

According to some rumours Apple is also working on changing the lock screen look. It will now be more customizable. The user will be able to add apps of his or her choice on the home screen. The lock screen customisation will allow the user to use the iPhone more efficiently.

User Interface Changes & Home Screen

ios 12 rumors, release data

There might be some changes in the Home screen grid. A home screen with information like weather, widgets etc is present in the Android OS for a long time. Having a customisable home screen with an app drawer for all the apps is something that is in demand. Aesthetically it will be a better product than the earlier software.

Animojis and Stock Apps

ios 12 rumors

The stock iOS Application is expected to have a better UI and more refined look. The Animoji feature that was introduced in recent version will be upgraded. There will be newer characters in the Animoji.

3D Touch in Cameraios12 camera

Changes in the camera might include 3D touch in the Camera app to choose between different shooting modes. The quick camera setting that is missing in the current iOS version. The user will be able to choose the quality of video shoot and photography more easily.

Augmented Reality Integration

ios 12 rumors, release date

With that, as Apple integrated Augmented Reality technology in the iPhone X really well it will be more advanced in the upcoming iOS. Neural Engine integration in the upcoming iOS will be a great advancement to increase the possibilities of AR feature.

Airplay 3

AirPlay feature that was removed by Apple form iOS after some time of its launch. AirPlay will allow streaming audio on multiple devices at the same time. As Apple has already launched Homepod the feature is most likely to hit the iOS 12 with the next version AirPlay 3. According to some reports, it is also possible that now the users can share screen while facetime.

Parental Controls

ios 12

There are some other changes in the software part that might also include in the upgraded iOS 12. The password manager is now expected to support apps more efficiently. The parental controls feature will also be improved. There will now be an option to lock a single app on the iPhone. This will also increase the phone security and privacy.

Guest Mode can also be there which will limit the phone usage to certain tasks. It can come handy in some situations.

Dark Mode

ios 12 rumors release date

iOS 11 features smart invert color feature that could be used for using the phone in less bright mode. It works but does not provide a full-fledged dark mode that will put less strain on eyes. It can be useful when using the phone in the night.

Always On Screen

There are many Android phones available that have AMOLED display. It provides a better colour saturation and much greater contrast level than any other type of display. iPhone X had the AMOLED screen but the always-on feature was missing.

Status Bar Icons Rearrangement

ios 12

iPhone X status bar does not show a lot of options. Only a few information about the phone status is available due to the top notch in the device. A more informative status bar will provide a better overall UI experience.

Split-Screen Multitasking

This feature is available in the iOS currently but it is only supported on iPad. A similar feature for iOS 12 that will also support iPhone is highly anticipated by the Apple fans. Split screen feature makes the phone more usable as it allows the user to open two apps simultaneously on the screen.

Improved Siri

The iOS voice assistant Siri is expected to be integrated deeply, allowing the user to have a more interactive experience with it. Now it is expected that Siri will be able to follow question making it more interactive.

Incoming Call Notification

ios 12

When you receive a call on an iOS device then it will show the call on entire display which is not a great way because you can not use any other app till the time you either answer the call or disconnect it. If you are doing some work then it will disturb the entire work.

Better Timelapse Shooting

Timelapse shoot takes photos at a certain interval of time and combines it to produce a video. iOS 11 currently shoots Timelapse video at a lower resolution, not at 4K. It is expected that iOS 12 will allow a better quality time lapse videos.

Navigation Buttons

ios 12

As we see in the iPhone 10 that the user has to use gestures to go back, home or open task manager. Now till now, there is no sign that Apple will integrate navigation buttons to the next major upgrade. But some concept videos shows iOS 12 with a feature of the virtual navigation button.

Notification Center Updates

ios 12

The notification centre in the current iOS has some drawbacks like it does not let you fully control wireless connectivity. So, an improved version will be a good addition to the iOS 12.

iOS 12 Concept Videos



iOS 12 Release Date

Typically every new iOS with major changes comes with the new iPhone release. The main software will have to go various beta versions before it is available for general users. The early release of Beta versions will be limited to developers and testers only. After the final bug-fix, it will be released. The iOS 12 is expected to release in the month of September 2018.

Final Words

iOS is known for providing superb UI with almost flawless performance. But as technology becomes more advanced, apps need more computing power to run smoothly. On top of that, a well designed mobile OS will not only provide its user with a smooth mobile computing experience but can also handle other apps well. iOS 12 will be a major step that company will take as the mobile market is becoming more competitive day by day.

There is still no official news and updates about the software features of the iOS 12. But one thing is for sure that there will be some exciting features that will make it different from the previous versions.

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