iPhone 8/X How-to: Import Photos/Videos from the Previous Device Without iTunes

If you are an iPhone user, you must be frustrated everytime you buy a new iPhone or an iPad. You have to backup all your music, video and any other data from iTunes. This takes a lot oftime-consuming and requires a lot of bandwidth. No doubt iTunes is one of the best product available. But its monotonous regulation has affected a lot of people. Moreover, transferring your iPhone data to your windows PC is a nightmare, there is no direct way and takes a lot of time in general. This is where we introduce the new WinX MediaTrans. Apple recently launched the new iPhone devices, check all iPhone 8/X features. It helps to transfer any files or data and keep a backup of your iPhone data on your PC.

What is WinX MediaTrans?

WinX MediaTrans is an iOS media manager. It allows you to transfer, both import and export media files from iPhone or iPad to Windows PC at fast speed without any problem. There are lot of features that are available in WinX MediaTrans. Other than importing and exporting media files like songs and videos, you can also edit, create or even delete the playlist. You can even convert music files to the desired file format.

Here we are going to discuss all the features that you can do with WinX MediaTrans. Also, you can use our promotion code which is our giveaway of this software.

Features and Specification:

  1. Photo backup:

    According to Apple, all your photos need to save in the iCloud to be available for other devices or in case you want to back up your photos from your photos. These can be ignored with the WinX MediaTrans. This software is not the same as other patch windows software. Instead, you can transfer photo from iPhone to pc and vice versa without any loss of quality. Transferingphotos one at a time or the entire library with fast and smooth processing.

  2. Music Manager:

    As all your music is restricted by the iTunes, you can only play it from iTunes. With WinX MediaTrans, all this restriction is removed. You can both download as well as import music files from your iPhone or iPad to your Windows PC without any erasing of data or loss of data. It is not limited to transferring of music. WinX MediaTrans also help you to create, modify as well as delete music playlist, which you can transfer to your iPhones or iPads.

  3. Video Transfer:

    WinX MediaTrans is not restricted to Music and photos. It can also handle video files. While you can export video files to the PC using the software, but you have the option to import the video files from the Windows PC in reduced size without affecting the image quality. This will ensure that you have enough space for more videos. You can even format the video to match the format that is supported by the device on which you are playing the video.

    WinX MediaTrans also help you to import videos files from iOS which you have purchased from the different online platform so that you can video offline (This platform offers videos to be viewed online even you have purchased it). You do not have to send each video one by one, instead select all the videos that you want to export and then click on to export to send all the videos in bulk. A similar thing can be done when you are importing the videos from your Windows PC.

  4. Make your own Ringtone:

    There are plenty of things that you can play within WinX MediaTrans software. The software allows you to create a ringtone for any of your iPhone or iPad, which you can then export to your phone and use it. You can also import other ringtones that are available online using this software. The software also acts as music converter by converting music to different file formats depending on what you need like to AAC or to MP3.

  5. Remove DRM:

    If you are an iPhone or iPad user, all yourmusic, as well as videos, can be bought from iTunes, but if you want to view them, you have to use their portal and viewyour purchased videos or song online. This is absurd as you do not always get free bandwidth. To solve this problem, you need to remove the DRM or the Digital Rights Management that comes with the video or the music. This work is done by the WinX MediaTrans software. What it does is, it takes the video, remove the DRM mark and makes it available offline for you to view it anytime.

  6. Flash Drive:

    Apple does not like dumping data and files in your storage memory. Instead, it uses online portals like iTunes or iCloud to do the same work. This is a problem as you need to have internet connection all the time to access them. WinX MediaTrans helps you to solve the problem by dumping all your data in your internal memory from which you can then export the data and files to the Windows PC. Note that while you dump back all your files back to your storage, your apps might not be able to find data and access them.

These are the features that WinX MediaTrans offer. Now we will discuss how to install and use the software.

Steps to install and Use WinX MediaTrans:

  • The first thing to go is to download the software. You can either go for the demo version with limited features or buy the one with our giveaway that you can see below.
  • After you have downloaded, go and install it. Installation of this software is quite easy and smooth.
  • When you have installed the software, go and open it.

At first, it will prompt you to connect an iPhone or an iPad to the USB connection. As you connect, the software detects it and goes to the home screen of the application.

  • The home screen is quite simple.

Select the option you want to use and get on with it.

How to import/ export videos and photos:

Now that we have gone through the installation process let’s go to the point which you have been waiting for. Here we will be showing you how to transfer videos, music, and images using WinX MediaTrans.

  • Export Music from iPhone/iPad to PC: Transferring Music with WinX MediaTrans software has become popular and easy to do work with it.
    • Open the application. Make sure you have connected your iPhone or iPad to the computer.
    • Go to the home page of the WinX MediaTrans.
    • Click the button which says “Music Manager.”
    • This software will round up all the music that is available on your iPhone.
    • From the list select the one which you want to export, you can even transfer the multiple kinds of music at the same time

Once selected, click on the option Export to transfer all the music to your Window PC.

  • Exporting Music from PC to iPhone/iPad:you can also transfer music from Window PC back to iPhone/ iPad.
    • Make sure you have connected your iPhone or iPad to the computer.
    • Go to the home page of the WinX MediaTrans.
    • Click the button which says “Music Manager.”
    • Click on the “Add Music” option to select all the songs you want to transfer.

After you have selected, press on the Sync option to share your songs.

  • Export Videos from iPhone/ iPad to PC: Transfer normal as well as 4K videos ata very small time.
    • Make sure you have connected your iPhone or iPad to the computer.
    • Go to the home page of the WinX MediaTrans.
    • Click the button which says “Video Manager.”
    • There you have a list of all the videos, select the one you want to transfer.

Now click on the export button to export the video or videos back to the Windows PC.

  • Export Videos from PC to iPhone/iPad:
    • Make sure you have connected your iPhone or iPad to the computer.
    • Go to the home page of the WinX MediaTrans.
    • Click the button which says “Video Manager.”
    • Here, click on the add video option.
    • Browse and select the videos.

After you have selected the videos, click on the Sync button

  • Export photo from iPhone/ iPad to PC: Similar to the music and video transfer, you can also export photos.
    • Open WinX MediaTrans.
    • Select the option, “Photo Transfer
    • Here you will see all the photos from your iPhone. Select the one you want to transfer to your Windows PC.

After you have selected, click on the Export option to transfer.

  • Export photo from PC to iPhone/iPad: You can also export photos stored on your PC to iPhone.
    • Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer.
    • Now open WinX MediaTrans.
    • Select the option, “Photo Transfer
    • Click on the option, “Add Photo.”
    • Browse through all the photos you want to transfer.
    • After you have select all the photos, click on the sync option below to complete the transfer.


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WinX MediaTrans is one of the best accessories that you have with your iPhone or iPad. The overall UI is quite well and simple to use. As you make a wire connection, transferring data and files are high-speed. Transferring 4K videos would not be an issue. The software is also compatible with Windows 7, and up OS, so you don’t have to worry about.

If you like this review, the do go and check out the software. If you aren’t sure, then do check the trial version before downloading it. Share it with other Apple users who face similar problems.

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