Apple iPhone won’t turn on? Here’s What You Can Do Next

Smartphones not turning on is a common problem, and there can be many reasons for that. However, considering the same problem with your iPhone can lead to data loss. We know it’s not easy to do that as there are multiple ways to do the same.

iPhone won't turn on

Your Apple iPhone won’t turn on? There are lots of reasons for your iPhone to not turn on such as damage to the device or stolen or a system crash. You may forget your password, or you tend to jailbreak/flash your device and lots of other reasons. However, it is surreal to imagine it to happen with your device but you need not worry, we have a solution.

The dr. fone, a tool from Wondershare technologies limited has your back, as it has a dedicated tool for recovery of your iOS device. This tool helps you recover your iCloud data in most convenient and fast way. However, we have also listed two more methods you can use to recover your iPhone data as per your convenience.

How to Recover iOS Data?

Here are best 3 ways you can recover your iOS device. You can use any of methods to recover data safely as per your need and convenience.

Let us begin..

Method 1: How to Recover iOS data using your iCloud (No Limited File Type)

Recovering Data from your iPhone or other iOS is a long process, and a little complicated as Apple doesn’t tell where your iCloud backup file is. So it is suggested to use a third-party tool or application to retrieve your data.

iPhone won't turn on

People like tech geeks also tend to find the storage path but still can’t view the data of the files in details. As it is saved in packages mixed together displaying just a code. However, recently we came across a tool, dr. fone – Recover (iOS). This tool doesn’t only help in allowing you to see all the iCloud files and extract data from iCloud.

>> How to recover iOS data using dr.fone?

Given are the steps to follow while recovering the iOS data:

Step 1: Download and Install dr. fone tool.

Download and Install dr. fone your system. It is available for both Windows and Mac users.

  • Install and Launch the tool instantly.

iPhone won't turn on

  • Click on Recover iOS Data >> Recover from iCloud Backup File and on next window Sign-in your iCloud Account.

iPhone won't turn on

Step 2: Scan iCloud backup files

After you sign-in, Click on Start Scan to allow dr. fone to scan data on your iCloud Account. While it is getting scanned, you can see all data getting downloaded from your iCoud backup including WhatsApp messages, Messenger messages, Media Files.

iPhone won't turn on

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep your iPhone connected with the Computer all the time while dr. fone is scanning your files.

Step 3: View and Select the iCloud backup files

After the scan is completed, you can view iCloud backup files on the Window. Tick and select the items you want to save on your Computer as an HTML file. This is the best and fastest way to access and export your iCloud backup files to PC.

iPhone won't turn on

The saved backup files can also be printed if your device is connected to the printer. Moreover, in this way, you can quickly scan and export file data to your Computer or iOS device.

Method 2: Recover iCloud data from (Limited file type)

This is the only way Apple lets you check your iCloud Data by logging on iCloud Official Website. However, even after logging in, you can only check limited file types like Contacts, Messages, Calendar, Notes, mail, Pages, Numbers and Keynote Documents.

So if only need the data mentioned above in iCloud, you can use this method, it’s enough.

However, considering other file sand settings, media files, text messages, MMS messages, recorded videos and photos, iMessages, Ringtones, Apple does not allow you to access these file types of the iCloud.

You can opt for Method 3 if you want to access more files in an iCloud file, picking up the data you need.

Although you can follow these steps to Recover your data from

Step 1: Open on a browser of your Computer

Step 2: Log in to your account or Apple ID using your iCloud credentials and check data on iCloud

iPhone won't turn on

Step 3: All the backed-up files will be available on a list of the Window. You can access an iCloud file by just clicking on it.

The Advantage of using it is that it is Convenient, Easy and safe to use. However, using it, you can not access a few types of files like Kik messages/photos, Viber contacts/messages/photos/videos, WhatsApp messages/attachments.

Method 3: Recover data from restoring your iOS device (Complex and Data Loss)

I know, you might think of it as stupid to access iCloud backup by restoring your iOS device. However, you will agree to the fact that, it is a legit way, right?. Moreover, it will best if you have an old iPhone and can experiment on it.

So if you want to try it, follow the given steps:

iPhone won't turn on

Step 1: Factory Reset. Head to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase All Content and Settings.

iPhone won't turn on

Step 2: In setup, choose to Restore from iCloud Backup >> Sign in to your iCloud Account >> choose a file to restore.

So these are the top three methods you can use to restore your iOS data from your iOS Device. Now let’s head to the more information about the software and which iOS devices are supported for the dr. fone tool.

>> Which iOS devices are supported?

  • iPhone: iPhone SE, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4
  • iPad: All models of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad
  • iPod Touch: iPod Touch 5 and iPod Touch 4

Contacts, Call history, Photos, Videos, Notes, Reminders, WhatsApp messages, Messenger messages, Voicemail, Browser’s Bookmark, App’s Photos/ Videos/ Documents, Voice Memos, and Calendar

  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP;

Minimum System requirements: 1 GHz (32-/ 64-bit) CPU, 256MB or more RAM (1024 MB recommended), and 200MB or freer local space.

Apple iPhone won’t turn on? Here’s What You Can Do Next

As we know, there can be any reason for your phone not turning on and the fear of losing your phone data overcomes you. There can be many reasons for data loss such as experience a system crash or you forget your password. Your device catches a virus, or you lose or damage your device or more.

It is terrifying to imagine that scenario. However, you need not worry anymore as dr. fone can recover your data within minutes using any of above-given methods. Just download dr. fone and use it to backup all your iCloud files. It is straightforward to handle and use the tool.

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