Is Blogging a Notable Source of Income for Students?

Do you like to write? Are you one of those people that other students envy because getting high marks on written assignments comes naturally to you? If so, you might want to keep reading. Today, we would like to show you how you can take that talent and turn it into either a high side income or even a first career through blogging.


Blogging Versus Academic Writing

One of the key reasons you should consider blogging for money is that it is typically easier and less time-consuming than writing an academic paper. If you are already an academic writer site, you will likely find that blogging is very simple in comparison. You can earn more money from blogging with less efforts.

Yes, you will still need to research topics and come up with your way of expressing ideas, but there is far less accountability with blogging. Most academic papers deal with facts. You present a thesis and then attempt to prove it by presenting responsible research. The difference with blogging is that you don’t typically need to prove anything. You can start with an opinion and persuade your audience to see your point of view.

You also get to expand more on ideas and tackle broader subject areas with a blog. Academic papers typically present a single thesis and then construct an extended argument that proves it. You have probably gone back and looked at information in your papers and found extraneous information that didn’t fit the central message or argument.

In a term paper, you discard extraneous information to keep the messaging on-point. With blogging, you can set those details aside and start a whole new blog post based on them. You don’t waste time researching or developing ideas around pointless themes; you present those ideas in their post(s).

All of these things make blogging a great way to make money since the success of most blogs hinges on being able to deliver a steady stream of quality content. The more sub-topics you can produce on a particular subject, the better and more successful your blog is likely to be.

Blogging Versus Traditional Jobs

A typical unskilled labor job like food service or retail often provides a static amount of money for the amount of time you spend working. You have very little control over the actual value of your time. That value is assigned by the employer, and you agree to trade hours for dollars at a fixed rate.

With blogging, you have the potential to make much more than what an employer is willing to pay as an hourly wage. You also have far more control over how, when and where you make money.

Blogging Options

There are several ways you can manage blogging as a professional activity. Here are just a few for you to consider:

#1: Start and promote your blog – This a good idea if you already have a bit of marketing experience and a little money – and we mean very little – to invest in getting your project off the ground. Typical expenses include establishing a domain and website (you’ll pay to register the domain, and you’ll pay for web hosting) and possibly some paid ads on social media to get your work noticed.

#2: Sell articles to established blogs – This is known as “guest blogging” and it can also be very lucrative. You approach established blogs and ask to publish under your name. You can negotiate a fee for creating the post or participate in revenue sharing to earn money on what you write. You would need to negotiate those terms with the owner of the blog.

#3: Become a freelance copywriter – Marketers in every conceivable industry keep blogs, and they need talented writers to ensure that all-important steady stream of quality content to keep their brand in front of their audience and good light. Sites like Upwork and Textbroker help marketers and writers find each other. Of the three, this is the best and easiest way to earn, and it typically costs nothing to get started.

Blogging On Your Terms

The best and most attractive part of blogging is that you can decide how much time you put into it, the subject area(s) you address, and when to sit down and do it. Even with a rigid schedule, most students can still find the time to do this even if they can’t eke out enough time to wait tables several nights per week.

Lastly, as you get better at blogging, you will also get faster, and the overall quality of your writing will improve. That alone will up the perceived value of your work. If you decide to work as a freelancer, you will also find that, over time, clients will be willing to pay more for your work. Set reasonable goals for how much work you want to do and what you want to be paid. You can always increase both over time.

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