Is pubg down ? Current PubG Server Status

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is an online game that allows multiple players to play and built a team with friends and competes with the hurdles. The game was developed and published through the PUBG Corporation, the subsidiary of South Korean video game named as a Blue hole. The game has gained a lot of popularity among the game lovers and seems to be downloaded by millions of users all across the globe.

IS PUBG Mobile down?

Yes, it has been reported by a lot of users in the last month that PUBG game is not working in their specific location. Which has resulted in many players uninstalling the game from their device. However, as per the developers response. It can be assumed that the problem of server failure and website failure will be resolved soon. If you are also facing the issue, you can try other games like Pubg.

However, with relation to such limitation the developer has announced the “Fix the Game” initiative. Which mainly focuses upon fixing the flaws that took place inside the battle Royale Title. The primary objective of the initiative is to focus on addressing bugs, fundamental performance, and quality-of-life improvements. Along with such, the company has pushed many initiatives to track and fix such errors.  The developer lists the problems that address the delivering server performance, optimising a character. Then try to fix it at earliest.

Below we are discussing the error related to internet connection. The “Internet Error” on PUBG Mobile happens at point when you can’t connect with servers. These servers are the backbone where player have to login to play PUBG Mobile as the game is server based. In case if you are facing any issues related to server failure. Then you can check our easy to follow solution to fix this issue. But, first you should understand the requirements to fix this error.

You can also try Pubg official emulator, if there is issues in your mobile Pubg.


  • The Internet is working correctly and steady.
  • Web speed and pings should be great to play multiplayer web-based
  • The players are not utilizing correct platforms to play this game. Which is causing Android gadgets just as on iOS as well.

The most effective method to fix Internet Error on PUBG Mobile Apps: 4 Steps

  • Stage 1:

Jump into your Settings application and afterward tap on your Wi-Fi (which is under Airplane Mode).

  • Stage 2:

Now alongside the Wi-Fi that you’re using at the present moment. Tap on the little blue image to go into the setting option to fix the error.

  • Stage 3:

Next, look down to under DNS and afterward tap on Configure DNS.

  • Stage 4:

Now move the selection under the DNS Servers, slide from right to left and delete them. After that make chooses Add server to add either Google DNS or any-other DNS you want to use.


With the above details, you can acknowledge the salient features of this game. And reasons due to which the popularity of PUBG Mobile has been affected. But, by following some of the tips we gave above. You can avoid these error and enjoy your game-play.


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