iSkysoft Filmora Review : Best Video Editing Software

If you are in the field of video editing, you must have heard about this famous software Filmora, it is quite popular these day, mainly in newbie, due to its very easy to use video editing functions. Not only beginners, lots of professionals, You-tubers use this software and if you want to know Why, then you must read this article.

If I talk about iSkysoft then it’s already an established brand in the market of application and software for various tasks. A Chinese company which is excelled in providing the most needed software like PDF Editor, Data Recovery Tool, video editing software and iMedia Converter for platforms like mac and windows.

What is Filmora?

Filmora is an ambitious video editing software from the company iSkysoft which is also mistaken as a product from Wondershare. The fact is both the companies are the sister concern to each other.

In the quotes of a spokesperson of iSkysoft, “iSkysoft and Wondershare are from the same corporation, we share some core technology, but those two brands are operated by different marketing teams.”

Interface Of Filmora

Well, I am using this software from few months and in my opinion, the interface, meaning the display of pages is quite interesting and it does not strain my eyes for a single second. The colors are very smooth(not talking about the editing at this point) which made me work for longer without any pain in eyes. It lets you choose two different backgrounds, one is Black and second is Light Grey. Personally, I prefer the former option. For an instance, I have some pics for you:

It is very convenient to use as all the tools and options related to editing are quite handy, you do not have to search anything by clicking multiple options as if you are using some analytics software.


Initially, it was working fine on my laptop once I started over using the software, it became laggy. I shall not blame the software for this reason as it worked flawlessly in my PC and I use Windows in that.

I have windows 10 along with i7 6th Gen processor and compared the time this software took with Adobe Premiere for video with 4:30(minutes: seconds) test video. Adobe Premiere took somewhat around 5 minutes whereas Filmora took nearly 2:30 minutes.

Not only the performance, Filmora is far more easy to use as compared to other high-end software. In any manner you find yourself a novice, this software is far far better than other available.


iSkysoft this software for two platforms, viz Windows and Mac. They decided to limit the price to $59.99 for both the platforms purchased individually. This means that if you buy it for MS Windows or Mac you will have to spend $59.99 each. Here this price is paid for version 8.7 for the lifetime. I am glad that it is not on yearly basis, unlike other reputed software.

Link for Filmora for Windows: Filmora Windows

Link for Filmora for Mac: Filmora Video Editor Mac

Full Editor View/ How to Edit?

Once you are done with installing, the biggest question that comes to mind is “How to edit?” I have sorted out everything for you. You will find out the traditional three-panel layout which includes source content, video preview, and timeline across the bottom. As I mentioned earlier this software is luckily very clean and dark(my preference) as compared to difficult software.

The biggest thing I liked was the magnetic timeline function which doesn’t let any loop between to videos. For example, you wish to overlay or add another video to a particular video, in other software you need to play with times and all but in this, it automatically links the videos without leaving any loop between them. A detailed explanation regarding installation and how to use the software is described here: How to edit videos in Filmora. I can bet you would never visit this page as it is really easy to use this software.

For example, if you are YouTuber and willing to edit your videos, follow these steps:

Step 1. Import Videos and Photos

Make sure that you use Filmora Video Editor version 8.7, Run it on your computer. On the main screen of software, opt for “FULL FEATURE MODE” and click on the “Import Media Files Here” button to load a video. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the Audio and Video files that you want to edit.

Filmora review

Step 2. Initiate editing YouTube Videos

The next big step is to take the video to the timeline for editing purpose. Simply drag and drop it to the editing area. Here you can perform basic video editing functions such as:
– The speed of the video;
– Rotation of the video;
– The brightness of the video.

Now click on the edit button to reveal more functions.

Filmora Review

Step 3. Export the Edited YouTube Video

Once the editing process is completed, click on the “Export” button to export the final video to your computer. The best part here is that you can upload the videos directly to the YouTube. All you need to do is fill in the necessary details once you find the YouTube button on the left-hand side. The very final thing, do not to hit the Upload button. 

Moreover, if you wish to use this video editor as Picture Video Maker follow the steps given here in this article.

My Recommendation

If you are unaware of what I am actually talking about it is advised to look for some free video editing software which will let you understand how does video editing work. Once you are ready to use the paid software and willing to experience the exclusive features and effects, I suggest you use Filmora first and I categorize it in best video editing software. It has everything you want and that too at affordable price.

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