iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac To Ditch Word Processing

PDF was first introduced by Adobe which was described in three words Portable Document Format. The name itself contained the meaning and have a point. The reason PDF’s were mostly preferred over Microsoft Word was due to security issues. So Adobe came into the picture with very sweet and simple solution and named it PDF. There were no more security issues in transferring electronic documents. Portable Document Format was used by almost all from best-selling novels to software guides, academic textbooks to corporate memos almost everything.

Along with PDF came a stack of PDF converters and editors. Which would help you to edit , convert, create, annotate also organize PDF. But still, there was more left to deal with like handling security issues , sending it directly on email and much more. So there was a highly requirement for a PDF editor which alone could do almost everything that a combination of other PDF converters couldn’t do. iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac came into as a solution to all PDF editing and security problem. It does not just comes up with completely easy and attractive UI but is also capable of doing much more than you can think of in a PDF editor.

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac (Key Features & Review)


1.Organize Your PDF With Mine Of Editing Options Available

It gives you a full control over your PDF editing. There are no more limitations to amount of editing that you can do in your PDF. Let us have a brief look at the editing options that you can get with iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac. You can do loads of simple tasks together in just a few clicks to complex editing.

  • Inserting and deleting text and images freely.
  • Align your text in PDF.
  • Rotating and cropping images at perfect editing levels.
  • Replace and rearrange text and images into PDF.
  • Extract and add watermark easily in your documents.
  • Change background images and use images freely as per requirements.

Flexibility with advanced text editing options:

  • Perform a Split , or move text in your pdf  also join blocks of text easily.
  • Distribute text all over in PDF file while editing.
  • It is now easy to link your text to each other.
  • The layout will be handled by the software itself.

Enhanced markup styles while PDF editing. You can easily use markups on your PDF document.

  • Put a comment in your style on text or image.
  • Highlight your text with various colors using area highlight and text highlight options.
  • Make shapes using pen onto your document.

2. Get your PDF converted :


convert pdf

You can now convert your PDF into many available file formats. The available business formats in iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac are Word, HTML, EPUB, text, PPT, Excel and much more.

3. OCR For Scanned Documents:


iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac comes up with OCR technology. OCR stands for optical character recognition.It is capable of scanning bits of scanned documents easily as bits of text. With OCR technology it is now easy to edit even scanned documents with various flexible functionality available. It is now easy to edit, convert and copy image based file as PDF. This OCR plugin is capable of recognizing many languages in image-based files.

4. Keep Your PDF Safe and Secure:

You can now relax if you are very much concerned about your PDF security. You can easily put up a lock on your PDF document for security issues. By using protect tab you can put a full password to you PDF and one who doesn’t have access to the password cannot access your document also. It also contains Redaction feature using which you can redact any text or image which contains any kind of sensitive information.

So if you are in need of a very flexible and easy to use PDF converter then there is no doubt that iSkysoft is the best choice for yours. With mines of editing options and also great support for security it gains what other editors couldn’t provide. From organizing document , converting to various formats to using markups it has great option fields available also the protect feature gives it a whole new dimension towards PDF editing. If you have much more to explore then you can also buy it for MAC for $99.95 only for the latest version 5.6 .

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