Isohunt Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Sites List Working Links

IsoHunt Proxy List

IsoHunt is the online torrent files index and repository at an instance where individuals attain the feasibility to browse, locate, download or upload the torrent of different contents where the majority of it being of entertainment nature. The existing incarnation arose and gave birth to the resurrection of the original site which was taken down through the legal action of MPAA. IsoHunt entered the market in January 2003, by the Gary Fung, a Canadian National. BitTorrent is not like Limewire/Kazaa/Napster/other P2P programs you’ve used in the past.

Unblocked Isohunt Proxy & Mirror Sites

The list of the sites has been mentioned below through which users will be able to get to the IsoHunt website. The above table below consist sites which seems to be operational and legit when this article was created. There are various other websites available, but this would be satisfactory to meet your understanding and requirement.

ISOHUNT Proxies-

SNProxy SiteStatusSpeed
1Isohunt MirrorOnlineFast
2ISOHunt Mirror 2OnlineFast
3ISOHunt ProxyOnlineVery Fast
5ISOHunt Mirror 3OnlineSlow
6Isohunt unblock mirrorOnlineFast
7Isohunt unblock proxyOnlineSlow
8Isohunt Proxy 2OnlineFast


When the original IsoHunt closed its door, within hours additional clone of it came into the play and led to success on the same clutter-free UI of IsoHunt which is supposed to be performed. The user is needed to register for uploading and managing the torrent so that user can download the file anonymously. The registration parts add advantage to the digital ads. This is often the most significant source of confusion for people new to BitTorrent. It’s not difficult to use; it’s just different. As soon as you forget about your old file-sharing program (and you will see once you start using BT), the easier it will be to start using BitTorrent.

How does it work?

At first, there is need to understand how it works after which it would be easy to understand the method of downloading the file that has been discussed below in the article. The BitTorrent protocol seems to be unique for the reason that it distributes the sharing of the file. It covers the entire downloaded or currently in the procedure of downloading files.

Since BitTorrent breaks up and eventually spreads the data in the small chunk, the user needs to encompass the entire file before the process of sharing. As soon as the user entails the even segment of the file, the user can share it with other users. Such measures and features make BitTorrent so quick. The process of sharing is initiated when the users have downloaded one chunk of the file. For downloading file identical to educational public domain video, which we have defined above, you will have to discover and then download the Torrent file.

After the process of downloading the file, you have to open it with the help of BitTorrent clients. The torrent file does not encompass the file. Instead, it comprises the information that defines the BitTorrent clients where they would be able to discover the peers that are also involved in sharing and downloading the files.

How to find and download a file with BitTorrent?

Now, as if you have understood the BitTorrent, quickly drawing the attention to the fact that defines how to find and download the file through means of BitTorrent. The steps that have been required to be followed by the user for finding and downloading the file with the help of BitTorrent has been listed below:-

Step 1-

At the initial step, there is need to download BitTorrent clients that refer to a program that is capable of managing multiple BitTorrent downloads.

  • uTorrent for Windows/Mac
  • Transmission for Mac
  • Vuze or KTorrent for Linux

Once the user discovers an excellent and efficient torrent, He has to click on it to download. Then The browser will ask the user what function has to be carried out with the file. Thus the user has to be specific to inform it to open the Torrent to the BitTorrent client downloaded previously.

Step 2-

The BitTorrent client supposed to be open and then ask the user where they are looking to save the file. Then you have to pick the selected position and Click on Ok button. After that, the downloading process will be initiated.  You should also understand that it takes some time to show the downloading process. Thus there is need to be patient while performing such step.

Step 3-

Finally, the user will be able to download the file with the help of BitTorrent. However, there could be additional things attached to it, if the user is willing to dive in a bit deeper. Let us clear it by taking an example; the user can run the speed guide that would augment the downloading speed of the files.

For performing such, just Go to go to Options -> Speed Guide to get started.


So, this was the list of sites that we have found which are still operational and are legit in the instance of writing this article. You can also go to other torrent sites like Pirate bay which the majority of the Kat user’s shift to.  The other popular site is the rarbg that are also operating at the existing despite being blocked in many countries. It is recommended to use any VPN to mask the IP address for security reason. This was it, for now; it’s time to end our detailed description of the IsoHunt Proxies and the method through which a torrent can be downloaded.

If you find the above discussion helpful, please like and share with the users that are looking to know or learn about IsoHunt. In case, if you still come across any issue while downloading the BitTorrent please drops the comment, your query will be answered as soon as possible. Have a nice and great day ahead!

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