Latest Whatsapp Tips and Tricks For Android , iPhone or iOS

Latest Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

Today lets start with top 10 New Whatsapp tips and Tricks for Android and iPhone users. Whatsapp has become the part of our life. Everyone in our family, relatives and friends are attached with it.So here in this post you are going to see top top 10 best whatsapp tips and tricks for android mobiles phones ,whatsapp tips and tricks for apple iPhones and whatsapp tips and tricks for window mobiles. As there are lot of improvement in Whatsapp services and there are many new features are also introduced like Whatsapp Calling feature. Now Whatsapp is available for almost all mobile devices Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Java etc. Being most used app , people keep on looking for Whatsapp tricks, tips and other related stuff.whatsspp tips and tricks

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I generally wrote stuffs related to Whatsapp and people keep on asking me for new tricks for Whatsapp. So i thought why not to write a new article related to latest Whatsapp tricks and tips 2016. As the Whatapp is available for all mobile platform . So i will also share Whatsapp tricks for Android and whatsapp tricks for iphone.

Latest Whatsapp Tips and Tricks

I have lots of tricks to share for Whatsapp. So i will suggest you to read this article till the end. You will really get some cool Whatsapp tricks.

How to Lock Whatsappwhatsapp-lock

The most important part for an Whatsapp user is privacy. There are so many private stuff in our Whatsapp messenger that we don’t want to share with anyone else. People ask for phone and try to look into our Whatsapp messages, photos, and other stuffs. So it is compulsory to enable lock on Whatsapp. But officially app does not have inbuilt lock. So we have to look for the solution like some Whatsapp Lock app or trick to lock Whatsapp.

As such there are lots of apps for Whatsapp lock. Here i will tell you some best whatsapp lock apps. Android users can download this Whatsapp lock app from play store and if you are iOS user then you can use this cool Password for Whatsapp Messanger app from iTunes and for Windows users can use whatsapp lock for windows phone.

Renew Whatsapp for Free

Whatsapp provide free trial for one year and after that it charges $1 per year. Many users have completed their free trial and now they need to renew their Whatsapp account. But if you don’t want to pay then i have trick to renew Whatsapp for free.

To extend Whatsapp for free for life time, you first need to delete your whatsapp account. For this Go to Settings > Accounts> Delete my Account. Now again create account on Whatsapp with the same number and you will shock to know that on your payment info page. It will extend your Whatsapp trial period by one year.

Isn’t it cool , now you can use this trick and can use Whatsapp fro free life time. Just remember this trick will only work before your free trial expires.

Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

[sociallocker id=”8558″]To create Whatsapp Account you need to have mobile number. But in case if you don’t want to use your number for Whastapp , you can still use Whatsapp without number. This is little trick , so read all steps carefully.

1. First Uninstall Whatsapp if already installed.

2. Download and install Whatsapp again.

3. Now Switch on Flight mode in your phone (it will disable messaging service for whatsapp). Now run Whatsapp and enter your mobile number. Now it will try to send message to server but due to flight mode, it will not able to send. So your mobile number will not verify.

4. Now it will ask for alternative method for verification, now check through SMS and enter your email id. Now tap on Submit and immediately tap on Cancel. It will stop the verification process.

5. Now install the Spoof text message to forge message for whatsapp.

6. Now GO to Outbox and copy the message details from spoofer application then try to do false varification.

7. Now use the number given in spoofed message app. Use that number for verification.

8. Now you can use this number to connect with your friends on whatsapp without using your own phone number.

So this is how you can use fake number for whatsapp.

Backup and Restore Whatsapp Chats

Whatsapp has inbuilt backup feature, it automatically takes backup of your Whatsapp messages. But if you want you can take manual Whatsapp Backup.

Whatsapp Backup for Android user : Open Whatsapp >> Settings >> Chat Settings and tap on Backup Conversation to take manual backup of your Whatsapp chats.

Whatsapp Backup for iOS user : Open Whatsapp >> Settings >> Chat Backup and tap on Backup Now to take manual backup of your Whatsapp chats.

But this will only create backup of your Whatsapp Chats , not the images and other media. For taking backup of your Whatsapp images and videos. Go to /sdCard/Whatsapp/Media and copy and save it to some safe location on your PC.

Now to Restore your Whatsapp Conversation, when you have uninstalled your Whatsapp or Changed your mobile. Then when you again install the Whatsapp it will ask for Restore backup. At that time you need to provide your Whatsapp backup data. That’s how you can recover your deleted Whatsapp messages.

 Turn Off Automatic Image Download on Whatsapp

When some one send images to you on Whatsapp, it will automatically get download and you loose your precious data in unwanted images. But don’t worry there is an option in Whatsapp that stops automatic download of images. To disable automatic images download on Whatsapp. Go to Whatsapp >> Settings >> Chat Settings >> Media auto-Download. Now here you have three options for your mobile data, WIFi and Roaming.

Now you can turn off automatic image, video and audio download from here by just unchecking the option. I generally keep this settings. No media download for Mobile data. All Media Download for Whatsapp and again No media for Roaming.

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Hide Whatsapp Last Seen

Some time this Last Seen Feature of Whatsapp become annoying. When you don’t want to chat with some of your friend and they saw your last seen. Then it is difficult situation, but now you can hide your last seen on Whatsapp.

To disable Whatsapp last seen , just go to Whatsapp Settings >> Accounts >> Privacy >> Last Seen. Now you can chose to whom you want to show your Whatsapp Last seen. To everyone or your Contacts or NoOne.

Similarly you can also hide Whatsapp DP and Whatsapp status.

Send Any File on Whatsapp (More then 16mb)

Whatsapp does not allows you to send file more then 16 mb nad it has limitation for formats also. But i have trick to send file more then 16 mb with whatsapp and no limitation of format.

With this trick you can send any file on whatsapp of any size. To know this just read out my article “How to send file more the 16 mb with whatsapp“.

Whatsapp Call Recording

As recently Whatsapp has introduced its super cool feature i.e Whatsapp calling. Now you can call anyone on whatsapp for free. But some time for security purpose we need to record call. But Whatsapp does not have any such feature. You can not record Whatsapp call directly but you can use any third party app to record whatsapp call.

Use Dual Whatsapp on Single Phone

These days companies generally releases dual Sim phone, but Whatsapp only allow to run single number on one phone. So to run Whatsapp for two numbers in your dual sim phone you need two phone. But don’t worry i have trick through which you can run two whatsapp in a single phone. Or dual whatsapp in dual Sim phone.

To do this you need to install some third party application and its a long process. So just go through this guide to run dual whatsapp on dual sim phone.[/sociallocker]

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Whatsapp Desktop Version

Yes now you can run whatsapp on pc officially. But for this you also required active whatsapp mobile. To run whatsapp on your browser. Just open on your pc browser. Now Go to your mobile tap Menu >> Whatsapp Web. Now it will turn on your mobile camera. Just face your camera to the QR Code displayed in your browser. It will scan and authenticate your browser to use whatsapp.

Now you can run whatsapp on your computer browser.

So these are some latest Whatsapp Tricks and tips of 2016. Hope you like these. Just try these cool Whatsapp tricks, if you find any difficulty or issue. Just post it in comments. And also share these tricks with your friends

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