Leagoo KIICAA Mix Review : Budgeted BezelLess and Dual Camera Phone

After a great deal of discusses its variations and bezel-less show, Leagoo KIICAA Mix is at long last here. It’s a smartphone which manages to impress through its design, features and price tag. With an awesome 5.5″ bezel-less show, twofold camera setup and with a fueled octa-core processor.

Moreover, it’s perfect with the most 3G and 4G frequencies around the world, and it even accompanies a conveniently set 13MP forward looking camera. On the off chance that you need to find out about this new smartphone, at that point keep perusing our full Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review. Also check the latest release Leagoo S8 Review.

Leagoo KIICAA Mix Review

Design & Display

Without question, the key offering purpose of this gadget is its 5.5″ Full HD bezel-less show. The show has been made in conjunction with the SHARP organisation and has amazing color reproduction and pixel density of the screen. At the time of holding the phone on hand, it displays pops up to see any social activities as well as date and time.

As expressed by the official handout of the telephone, shading proliferation is of 95% extent. This magnificent the gadget is able to reproduce 95% of the shading shades. This is a great execution and it makes it a solid contender notwithstanding for AMOLED-controlled showcases. What’s more, on the off chance that you want to contrast the outline of this phone and a well-known model, observe Xiaomi MI Mix. Be that as it may, when contrasted with Xiaomi MI Mix, Leagoo KIICAA Mix has the upside of littler measurements (more pocketable, simpler to use with one hand) and lower price tag, all while as yet having top of the line specs.

Features & Performance

Android 7.0

Leagoo KIICAA Mix accompanies the most recent Android form out of the box, which implies it will save you from the bother of updating the whole programming in the adjacent time. Thusly, Android 7.0 gives you the most recent security fixes, a smooth interface, and the most recent advancements as far as designs and battery life.


This gadget gives you 3GB of Ram and 32GB of Internal Memory. It ought to be sufficient for most consumer, and will enable you to easily get through an assortment of assignments and play pretty much any game you need. In the event that you feel that the internal memory is too low for the coveted video and music, at that point you can likewise attach a TF card of up to 256 GB and proceed with the good times.

Home button that Allows Doubles as Fingerprint ID

Apple Touch ID is a standout amongst the most applauded opening elements out there, and Leagoo figured out how to duplicate this element exceptionally well in the KIICAA Mix. It is anything but difficult to utilize and duplicates as home catch, subsequently giving you the security you require. It’s not at all like the Samsung Galaxy S8 where the unique mark sensor it’s fumblingly put right other than the camera while additionally being too little.

13 MP front facing camera, plus Dual-camera setup

Is it true that you are an enthusiast of selfies? Provided that this is true, at that point the KIICAA Mix review will effortlessly astonish you. It has a 13MP forward looking camera which is perfectly arranged in the lower part of the gadget. This camera comes with great features. Moreover, the double camera setup in the back empowers for the extraordinary gap, HDR impact, improved low lighting mode.

Decent power consumption

LEAGOO has chosen to run with a non-swappable 3000 mah battery in this model; one which is made by prestigious LG. In this manner, it accompanies canny components, for example, overheat security, thin outline, and support for Quick Charge 2.0. You will find that the phone effectively keeps going you through the whole day on account of this design and the adjusted hardware.



Innovative new-age design

This phone is a stand-out at whatever point you remove it from the pocket, so you will utilize it with awesome joy without fail. It’s likewise very thin at just 7.9mm, and is not substantial either. Everything is well-thought, from the double reason home button to the double camera setup and the perfectly concealed proximity sensor.

Processor Frequency for heavy games

The processor is attached at 1.5GHz, which is somewhat low on the off chance that you ask us, yet extraordinary for battery life. Considering that it’s an octa-core processor it ought to be incredible for most errands and diversions, however, we feel that a processor attached at least 2.0ghz would have really released the monster and enable one to play asset overwhelming recreations, for example, GTA San Andreas at greatest realistic settings without lag.

Low Price

This phone is truly cheap, costing just 140$ with free delivering in the current pre- ordered stage. Pre-order will be regarded beginning with September 2017, so the individuals who make a request now will be the first to get their hands on this gadget.

Takes a little time to get used to

While upgrading from a more seasoned smartphone, this model takes a little bit of time to get used with. The bezel-less show is, in reality, an extraordinary thought, yet the way that it puts the selfie camera and the nearness sensor beneath the show will have you switch the model over a lot of first days. Be that as it may, after first seven day stretch of utilizing it, anybody ought to be exceptionally suited with the components of Leagoo KIICAA Mix.

Great hardware

On account of the well-performing processor and the new-era video chip alongside Android 7.0 usage, this gadget figures out how to score 41,000 focuses in Antutu benchmarking application, a score which is superior to 70% of smartphones. Along these lines, you are purchasing a gadget which should stay aware of current versatile patterns for no less than 2 more years.

Only 3GB of RAM

3GB of Ram is extraordinary for the individuals who utilize greatest 5 applications at once, however in the event that we go past this number then the phone will begin to feel slower, so one should hold up until the point when Android shuts a portion of the application’s store or close the applications physically. We feel that the gadget would have been exceptional off with 4GB of Ram, which enables one to effectively multi-errand between 8 applications at once and utilize realistic serious applications somewhat better.


Where To Buy

Although you will find various online site, where you can purchase this phone. But I will prefer the most trusted site Gearbest, this site gives you 100% satisfaction and Money back Guarantee, Free Shipping on most of the products and almost all payment and cards are accepted.


So, Overall this new phone is looks great in terms of design, as these bezel-less Phones are trending and it will be future of smartphone, also If we talk about the hardware, it has good configuration. Though UI is not that great but you can try some custom roms.


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