LEMFO K1 Smart Watch Review – Mini Android On Hand

Apparently, everything around us is getting smarter it all started with a smartphone, but now even watches are entering this category by turning them into smartwatches. Watches are no more used to look at the time but are also capable of doing much more than telling time.

Now are the times where smartwatches have gained the attention all over the world with different companies competing amongst them to provide a smartwatch with greater capabilities in reasonable price. Many smartwatches have stormed the market in last few years after Apple introduced its smartwatch but it only supported Apple devices.

Since the number of Android users was more compared to iOS users, it created a platform for Android developers to create a smartwatch that supports both Android and iOS devices with greater functionalities.

lemfo k1 smartwatch

LEMFO K1 Smartwatch Review and Features

Lemfo K1 smartwatch is one such smart watch that has stricken the market recently competing with existing smartwatch in a smarter way. This LEMFO k1 smartwatch can also be titled as mini android. It contains almost all the features that an average Android smartphone have. It supports Android as well as iOS smartphones providing a window for both of the users.

It is a 1.54inch screen smartwatch which supports Android 5.1 and above operating system. It also provides Bluetooth connectivity which you can set and also change by scrolling in settings.It has MTK6580 quad core processor with 512 MB ram and 8 GB ROM. In this 8 GB ROM space, you get 6gb for use and rest space is used by smartwatch software.

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A smartwatch with 6 GB of free space can have ample of users even if you need to make a backup of any file or presentation, any audio or video you can use it which makes is useful in many ways.

This smartwatch has 400 mAH of the battery which is quite good you can at least reach 10 hours without any need for charging. It contains sports optimization which can make this watch be your partner while training since it provides heart rate monitor and pedometer.

The data provided by heart rate monitor is stored in the file format so everytime you watch your heart rate you can see the list below which will tell your heart rate every time you monitored. Even the readings of the heart rate monitor are not exact since only medical devices are capable of providing accurate readings.

The screen is made up of Corning Gorilla glass with 2.5D curved design and smooth corners which make it robust even if you drop or met any accident the screen will remain safe. The look of the watch is very sporty which makes it of use for both males and females. The watch band is made up of anti-allergic material, so if your skin is allergic to any material, it will keep your skin safe.

This observation supports 2G/3G networks. Even it has a micro sim slot where you can insert your micro sim to make calls from a watch. It has various setting options which you can set according to your requirement. The perfect calorie counter is on your hands now since you get to use pedometer which acts as steps counter.

It also has GPS, WiFi, gravity sensor and is capable of recording through its microphone. So if you want to record any conversations during a call or in casual. With a range of 14 different and colorful dials available, you can choose the one you like and even switch from time to time just for a change.

It has play store for any app installation and comes with Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter already installed so you can log in using different accounts and makes it flexible. The only thing that bothered me is that you cannot type anything correctly without making mistakes. Since it is small, so typing is a bit hectic. Ensure that you have short passwords!! Just in case.

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So overall it is a great smartwatch for its cost of $85. With loads of functionality available. You can even play games if you want whenever you are free and want to kill time. There are some battery issues if you use it continuously with wifi connected.

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