List of Upcoming OnScreen Figerprint Scanner Phone in 2018

The smartphones have evolved a lot since the time of its invention. As phones become capable of doing complex things, the security concerns also rise. We have a lot of personal information saved on the handset we carry. Over the years, more focus has been on the security of mobile devices. The on-screen lock and encryption feature let us keep the data secure. But as more sophisticated technologies are emerging, phones are not just limited to making calls and taking pictures.

Top Upcoming Smartphone with Onscreen Fingerprint Sensor- Latest Updates

The year 2017 was a great year in smartphone innovation and we saw some great new handsets with innovative technologies. The 18:9 display is more common and it looks fabulous. Also, the flagship mobile chipset by Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 845 was launched. This year we might see the flagship handsets containing Snapdragon 845 processor.

One more thing that is now common on most smartphones is a fingerprint sensor. But with the fast-changing technology world, this tech is also evolving into a more advanced feature. Due to the slimmer bezels, in most handsets, the fingerprint sensor is placed on the backside which might not seem convenient to use for many users. So, phones with on-screen fingerprint sensor are the future. Well, not future exactly because it is already there.

At CES 2018, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo exhibited the smartphone with an on-screen fingerprint sensor. The company made the feature possible by placing the fingerprint under the display. The new type of fingerprint sensor works smoothly through the glass, hence making it possible to works through the screen. With the OLED screen on the handset, you can not even guess that there is a fingerprint sensor under the lower part of the screen.

The big players are already in the race of getting an efficient solution for an on-screen fingerprint sensor. Vivo’ onscreen fingerprint sensor works as efficiently as it should and contains the same levels of security. However, the only downside seems to that it is slower than the sensors already present on the handsets. The fingerprint sensor should always be on the front making it easily accessible even when the handset is placed on a surface.

The upcoming smartphone with an onscreen fingerprint sensor will be more efficient and user-friendly. Here are the best upcoming smartphones with an on-screen fingerprint sensor. Most anticipated flagship smartphone of 2018 will be available with fingerprint sensor placed under the display. So after Vivo has done it, the other handsets with this feature will be launching soon.

1. Vivo in-display Fingerprint Phone

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo exhibited the first ever Smartphone with the fingerprint sensor placed where it can not be seen. As most handsets have it below the display or at the back. The new Vivo phone can be unlocked by placing your finger on the screen only.

The company used a special type of sensor built by Synaptics. This is placed on the lower part of the screen under the OLED display. When the finger is placed on the screen, it reads the fingerprint through the display, working as an optical sensor. The technology takes around 0.7 seconds to unlock the phone. But, it seems to be accurate and efficient.

2. Doogee V

The Chinese manufacturer is making the new handset available. The smartphone has an in-display fingerprint sensor. The device sports a beautiful display. With that, the 8GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory makes this phone a performance champ.

3. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Since the release of Samsung S8 and S8+, there have been rumors surfacing internet about the next version of its flagship series. Samsung has been the pioneer of the smartphone innovations for a long time. The S9 is anticipated to be more advanced than the currently available device.

The most talked feature of Samsung Galaxy S9 is the on-screen fingerprint sensor. The company has been working on it for a long time and this year it might be available for the consumers. The approach that the smartphone manufacturer takes towards making the feature possible might be different from what Vivo exhibited in CES 2018. The Samsung Galaxy will be released during the MWC 2018.

4. iPhone 11

Apple made some substantial changes in iPhone 10. The almost no bezel look gives the phone a modern look. The fingerprint sensor was also ditched in iPhone x. So what can we expect next? Apple can incorporate fingerprint sensor again in the next release but to keep the minimal look, it is possible that it will contain an on-screen fingerprint sensor. The next iPhone date release data and updates will soon be available.

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note series offers the most powerful smartphone by Samsung. The Note 9 which is currently present in the market has a great display, dual camera, and many other features. But the phone faces criticism due to an odd fingerprint sensor placement. The sensor is placed on the back side beside the dual camera which is pretty hard to reach. To get rid of this drawback the Note 8 is expected to feature the on-screen fingerprint sensor.

6. Google Pixel 3

Google is the king when it comes to technical innovation. The Google Pixel 2 has the best mobile camera that outperforms all other smartphones available currently. The in-display fingerprint sensor in Pixel phones is still not announced but is expected to be available by the end of this year.

These are the phones we expect to be equipped with an on-screen fingerprint sensor this year. However, it is to be noted that besides Vivo, no other company has made an official announcement about the availability of this feature. We will update any news or updates available about it. Keep connected to know more.

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