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With the advancement of technology, videos have become an essential part of many fields. When we talk about multimedia editing, MacOS is the most preferred one, due to its friendly user interface and high-end performance.

Apple provides iMovie as a default app for video editing but it has some limitations. MacX Video Converter Pro is a great video processing tool for Mac.

With MacX pro, you can convert, edit video mac OS. It also allows you to download videos from Youtube. We have seen an increase in quality over time. Now there is a rise in 4K videos so the need for an efficient tool for working on 4K videos is a must.

No doubt 4K videos are great in quality but its large size makes it hard to share and edit. MacX is the fastest video processing tool with many extra features.

macx pro video converter

MacX Video Converter Pro – Fastest 4K Video Processing for Mac

Currently, the 4K video editing tools available for Mac does not offer that much features and are also time to consume. MacX, on the other hand, provides a fast way to compress and process 4K videos.

It supports level 3 hardware acceleration which means while working on a media files more processing power can be assigned to the work to make it faster.

Let’s see the best features of MacX Pro . Let’s look at some test data to clear the picture here.

MacX Video Converter Pro

HandBrake for Mac

Level-3 Hardware Acceleration



doesn’t support


4mins 5secs


33mins 5secs

Avg fps





5X faster

5X slower

8X slower

Output Video Quality



slightly blurry

Input: 4K MKV (AVC Codec), 22m33s, 2.5GB, 3840*2160 recorded by iPhone Output: MP4 (H.264 Codec)


We can clearly see that When hardware acceleration is on it takes significantly less time to process the same file which took 20 minutes to process. Also, the output quality is lossless means you get same video quality in lesser size.

1. Video Conversion

macx pro video converter

One of the most basic features of this tool. It allows you to convert videos in more than 200 formats. Nowadays there are many devices used for recordings like drone camera or smartphone. To share it or play on different platforms different video formats are needed. No matter what video quality or format you are working on, you can always rely on MacX.

The great thing is that you can select the output format by the type of device you want it to play on. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Surface, and more device are there on the list to choose from.

2. Video Compression

When shooting with a video camera or any other device, the video size is very high. You can get great video quality but the size sometimes limits its usage. MacX Video Converter Pro lets you reduce the 4K video size so that you can share it online or store it more efficiently. Unlike other converters which takes a lot of time to process 4K files, this works very fast while compressing.

3. Youtube Video Downloader

macx video downloader

Youtube is the biggest place for online videos. There are all types of videos available here. But the problem occurs when there is a need of saving it for offline viewing. MacX Video editor also features a downloader that works exclusively for Youtube. The process to download media file is simple. Copy the URL of the video and paste it in the MacX video download window.

4. Video Editing

With all that this software also lets you edit videos. You can cut videos and do other editing stuff easily here. The tools are simple to use and are enough for non-professional usage.

With all these features, MacX is one of the best and fastest video converter. You can get a free GoPro camera with its promotional features. To get it complete this survey. The survey is about video shooting and takes very less time to complete.

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