How I made over 500$ in 5 days While Playing Holi

Hey Guys! Happy Holi !! This time Holi was the great reason for me to celebrate hard. Beside enjoying and playing colors on Holi. I was also making money. On first week of March, me and Shubham decide to work on Holi niche blog. Then we bought the domain Worked around 5 days on it, in writing post and link building. And then traffic start raining on our blog and we made 500$ while celebrating Holi.

It was the first time we were working on a Event based niche blog. We just started it for gaining experience and knowledge. But when traffic start flowing on our blog, we realize that we can make good money out of it.

On 1st March Imran bro in an hangout told me to start a event blog on Holi. Then i researched on Google Keyword Planner and found keyword holi songs, having good search and low competition. As Holi is Indian festival and its main search is from India only. So i bought the domain to geo target it on India.


Our working strategy

As only few days were left for the event. So Shubham and me decide to divide the work. I started writing post and Shubham was working on designing and On Page SEO. And thanks to Imran bro, who was guiding us time to time.

Firstly i researched for keyword which has good search and low competition. Then i started writing post with rich keywords. In the mean time Shubham was working on design and On Page SEO. In 2 days we completed our content writing, designing and On page Optimization.

Now the big task for us is to bring our site on first page of Google. Only 5 days were left for the original event. Then we started our main work i.e OFF Page Optimization.

We started link building targeting our main keyword Holi Songs and Holi songs free download.

And in 2-3 days we created around 8.5 K back-links. You can see the below screenshot of ahref.

holi songs ahref

Then traffic start flowing on our blog 3 days before the original event. As we were doing it for knowledge and experience. So we have not monetized it till the time.

14 March

But on 14 evening, when our real time traffic was 100+. So we decide to monetize it. Then we added Adsense code and Flipkart affiliate banner.

15 March

On 15 our maximum real time traffic was 200+. But didn’t get much on Adsense.

As our main traffic is from India. So the CPC was very less around .04$. And Ctr was also not good.

Then Shubham done some changes to increase ctr and it worked.

16 March

On 16 our maximum real time traffic was 600. By the end of the day we got 250K+ page views. By some tricks Shubham manage to maintain the ctr over 4%. This day we got 263$ in our Adsense account.

17 March

Then the big day of Holi arrived. When i wake up and check the Analytic. And found the real time traffic was 700+, which reach to 900 + max on that day.
But i was not able to take it screenshot.

Then i moved out to play Holi. While i was playing Holi with my friends, money and traffic was raining on my blog. This is the best part of blogging. You can earn while you enjoy.

Total Revenue Generated

We have generated around 521.79 $ through Adsense. But did not get any affiliate sale. So the only income is from Adsense.

Final Words

It couldn’t be possible for me to get to this level without Imran Bro guidance and Shubham Chugh hard work. Thanks to both of you for motivating and helping me.

“To dream by night is to escape your life. To dream by day is to make it happen.”
― Stephen Richards

At last i would say Dare to Dream.



  1. Hi Dharmes brother,

    That is what Imran brother training is. Surely he gonna do some great amazing works with bloggers.
    As this your first site, you are going to make some great thousand+ dollars in upcoming days. Surely you will be blessed with more and money.

    All you need is to follow what actually works. Thanks a lot for your post and the way you worked. Good Luck in future brother

  2. Well, that’s great to know you earned a great amount while learning. but one thing made me confused here. You said you had made 8.5 backlinks, How did you perform that heavy task just in 2-3 days ?

    If you could provide that info too, then this post will make a great sense of us 😀

  3. I was reading you post and trying to search your back-links but i am not able to find you 8.5 back links so can you please let me know where you have taken this screen shot and which tool you used to check it

  4. its really a great idea bro for generating income from the festival related occasion. As a students of MBA, I can say you are a true internet marketer. Getting a revenue from source which are hidden by nature. A temporary income also essential.

    • Bro just search for Auto Aprove Dofollow site having high Pr, it would be better if they allow links with anchor text. Just comment there with your link and keyword rich anchor text.

  5. So did you used scrapebox to comment or any other automated software? Dont tell me that you made comments manually.

    And also one thing intimidating. The Image you attached with number of backlink shows that only 17 domains refer your site and that too only 12 ips. so something you are hiding here. Could you be social to share it with your readers?

    And also can you suggest me on how to find high PR Dofollow autoapprove blogs?

  6. Following up to my previous comment. After few minutes of exploring i found something really interesting to try. Thanks for this article. Ignore my previous question because i found the answers myself. Now i have only one question How many website do you own? I Hope you will answer my question. Anyway Thanks once again for letting me know that this trick actually works. Gonna digg more to know how to implement it perfectly without google penalty.

    Added you in “bloggers to watch” list.

  7. First of all congratulation on your success. As a fresh blogger, this post is really helpful for me. This gives me confidence to move on my blogging career. One thing I really surprised here is, How did you get 8.5K backlinks in quick time. I hope you will share an article on this bro.
    Thank you )

    • Hello Arjun

      Thanks for your comment. I know everyone want to know Backlink strategy, but its long time, off page and back-link strategies have changed a lot due to lots of Google update. Now such mass backlink will penalize your blog. SO i will suggest you to not to much backlink. Just make quality one, you will rank for sure.

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