The immense increase in computing power has led to the invention of computer-based technologies has great future potential. The last decade has seen a rapid advancement in Smartphone technology and many cutting-edge inventions are now easily accessible with the help of our phone. Latest handsets support many new features, some of which are pretty interesting like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality creates a whole new virtual environment in order to exhibit objects and 3D models around you.

Augmented Reality, on the other hand, used the physical world around it to augment and surfaces it with computer-generated information. Both AR and VR have their advantages and are being pushed further with extensive research in order to create a more sophisticated technology. The field of Augmented Reality has seen many promising projects recently. Magic Leap has gathered a lot of attention in AR technology.

The company has got huge investment from the tech giant Google. It has been working on the Magic Leap project for some time and is now ready with the Magic Leap One. It is AR goggles uses advanced technology that will enable the creates to use it for many purposes.

About Magic Leap

The company Magic Leap was founded in 2011. The organisation works on developing technological tools that help to push the virtual computing platform further. From the time of its foundation, the company has received a generous amount of investments from large corporations like Alibaba Group, Google, JP Morgan and many more.

Magic Leap One Creator Edition – Features and Guide

magic leap review


Magic Leap One is a wearable computer that can be worn. It contains hardware and software that will let the user interact with the surrounding environment in a unique way. The user can create things in Augmented Reality, set different display screens.

The main concept behind Magic Leap One is simple yet efficient. It has an infrared camera which emits IR light to examine the surface around it and put 3D graphics on it. The product is a wearable just like the Oculus Rift but unlike Oculus Rift it does not work on Virtual Reality.

Magic Leap Main Features

  • Powerful Processor

The Magic Leap One contains specially designed chipset that meets the requirements of the product enabling it to generate top quality graphics. The portable gadget contains immense computing power that makes it possible to render more realistic, responsive virtual objects and show it with great details.

  • Enhanced User Interface

magic leap one review

Unlike current AR products available in the market it does not require a mobile screen or any other type of display experience it. The wearable itself offers the complete experience of AR. Magic Leap does not use the current AR tech which does not allow the user to get the natural experience of interacting with the augmented reality.

  • Advance Projections

    magic leap one review

Magic Leap keeps the objects persistent and makes it look as such it completely blends with the physical environment around it. The Digital Lightfield Technology used gives the more seamless and immersive view of digital objects.

  • Audio

Any type of virtual or augmented reality experience is incomplete without a suitable sound experience. The AR product uses Soundfield Audio that puts emphasis on recreating the natural sounds with the device itself.

The Magic Leap One is a great computing platform that attracts creators and developers to create wonderful things with its help. With the features, it offers the possibilities are endless. Putting the web pages on your walls, getting display anywhere you like, watching live videos, gaming and much more. It offers a whole new way to interact with the physical world around us. Exact Magic Leap Price and Release Date are still to be announced officially. You can register Here to get the latest updates about magic leap one availability.

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