How to make money using Tap cash Rewards [Mobile App]

Hello smart phone users. Enjoying your pones and the most astonishing apps from Google play store. Most of the smart phones user know this that they can earn money using their smart phones but for those who still are downloading subway surfer from Google play store, you cash earn cash or top up for your mobile phones using some apps. There are any apps present on Google play store providing free cash or top up’s. Apps like Mcent Laddo etc. provides free top up for mobiles you just have to install few sponsored apps from these apps. Now in this league comes a new app which provides you cash instead of top up. You can use that cash for mobile top up or for shopping. The name of this new app is “TAP CASH”.

Tap Cash provides smartphones users and android users to earn rewards or literal real cash while using the app. After all what one is really wanna earn the cash while downloading the apps is simply to download the Tap Cash app initially. Tap cash is very simple but effective app. It provides real cash rewards. Tap cash is not very difficult to understand and for smart phone users it’s like a game. Just a few clicks in a day and you can earn up to 30$ a month. Tap allows its user to earn money on downloading an app from tap cash app list.

Things you need before you start:

  1. Good speed working internet connection (either data pack or WiFi)
  2. Google play store account
  3. Patience

How to download and install TAP cash Rewards:

  1. First of all go to your open Google play store on your smart phone and log in through your id and password. If you don’t have a Google play store account then don’t worry you can log in through your Gmail id also or you can create.
  2. Once you have logged in search tap cash app on Google play store


3.  Download Tap Cash for your mobile device. Tap cash will not work in

4.  After downloading tap cash in your mobile install the app and launch or open it.



5.  Now download, install and run the apps form tap app list and earn cash rewards from tap cash.


6.   You can redeem your tap cash rewards any time you wish. You can use cash rewards to get gift cards from Amazon, PayPal, and much more…!!!


While using Tap cash app you will come across a feature which is known as VIP just below the cash reward offered by tap cash for each app. This VIP cash reward is more than normal cash reward. If you want to earn these VIP tap cash rewards then you have to become a VIP member of Tap Cash app. In order to become a VIP member of tap cash app you have to link your tap cash app with your Facebook twitter and email account. Wondering how to become a VIP member of tap cash app. don’t worry we will help you in this, just follow the following steps.

  1. First of all open tap cash app and tap on settings button.
  2. Now in settings page tap on Bind Facebook Account button.


3.  When you will tap on Bind Facebook account button you will be prompted to Facebook log in page log in   through your Facebook Id and password.

4. As soon as you are logged in into your Facebook account you will receive a message “Tap Cash will receive info from your Facebook profile ” tap on ok

5. Verify your account by selecting and tapping on to the option “Become VIP” using your smart phone or device. Refresh or restart “Tap Cash” app to become a VIP.

6.  That is it, it’s done now you are a VIP member of Tap Cash app. So fellows what are you waiting for start using Tap Cash now!!!!!

Extra Profit: Go to Setting tab and Click On “Invite By” and enter the code 5058386 for 100 free Credits! 

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