MalwareFox Review: Is This Anti-Malware Worth Buying?

Well, recently the circulation of Viruses and malware on our computers and other devices have indeed increased significantly, which is due to excess amount of internet usage and not only that, but the presence of this malware have increased substantially. This malware tends to endanger our computer along with our valuable data which is stored on that particular computer. To be on the safe side or to recover from such virus attacks, we need to be smart, there are lots of antivirus software that can prevent such attacks, here we will talk about one of the best anti malware software.

MalwareFox Review

The malware was traditionally considered as not such dangerous viruses as they created temporary disruptions, but lately, there was a huge cyber-attack popularly referred as the ransomware, where a malware infected millions and locked down computers in exchange for bitcoins. This attack was also considered to be the biggest cyber-attack till date.

Malware is a designed software which is made primarily to damage, disrupt or achieve authorized access to computers, and according to InfoWorld, every 3rd computer in the US is infected with malware. So, to protect your PC from this malware, you need an active anti-malware software which can provide you with real time protections.

And we here have a similar anti-malware software which is called the “MalwareFox” also considered to be one of the most preventive anti-malware software. But to use this, you need to purchase its license which costs you around $25-30. But, is it actually worth the money you are spending on this software? Let’s find this out and remove all your doubts in our in-depth MalwareFox Review.


Features offered by MalwareFox-

Well, most of the antivirus programs miss out few of the places which are uncontrollable by that system and are found in abundances like pop-up ads, spyware, identity thieves, unwanted applications and even ransomware because they cannot defend your PC against this malware. But, the MalwareFox not only detects these threats but actively removes and protects your PC from all kinds of known, as well as, unknown malware. Below are the features that are offered by MalwareFox-

  • Easy& Fast Scanning through Smart Scan
This software knows that some of you don’t have enough time to scan for malware each day. So, for them, it has a mode called “Smart scan.” This allows you to finish a scan in not more than 5 minutes and remove all threat. Isn’t it cool?
  • Browser Cleaner-
This software not only protects your PC from threats but it can also block boot-wares like pop-up ads, annoying search engines, and toolbars, etc. from accessing your system in just a click.
  • It’s Light-weight-

Although it offers many top-notch features, your system won’t notice a thing because its code structure is designed, and is highly optimized in such a way that you will not notice any performance changes after installing and activating the MalwareFox.

Nobody should be charged a penny to access his own data and to ensure that this never happens to you, MalwareFox is enabled with an active protection option which keeps all the threats of ransomware at bay.

  • Zero-Day Attack protection-
I know you don’t think it’s possible to protect your computer from unknown and undetected threats, but if you use MalwareFox, it sure is possible because it actively analyzes the behavior of files that are suspicious and blocks them instantly.
  • Actively removes Rootkits-

By using MalwareFox, you not only protect your Computer, but you also boost your confidence. It can even remove rootkits which are embedded deeply, also considered as the toughest malware, which is not-detected by Antivirus.

  • Drag & Drop for scanning

You can easily drag a file and drop it in the MalwareFox window, for performing a deep scan on that particular file or even a Folder which is very convenient for users.

Licensing and pricing

This anti-malware toolkit can be purchased from anywhere, all you have to do is choose which membership you would like to opt. All of them offer a 1 Year Premium protection for computers. The License options which are available to users’ are-

  1. Solo (For Personal Computer)

    As the name suggests, this one is for single users who do not have multiple computers. The Solo License code will be only eligible to use on a single computer and hence is sufficient for home users. This license will cost you around $25.

  2. PRO (For Laptop & Desktop)

    This is the PRO license for MalwareFox that allows users to use it on multiple computers like your laptop as well as the desktop but not more than 2 computers. Hence it is best for users who have a laptop as well as a desktop. This license will cost you around $30.

  3. FAMILY (For More than 2 Computers)

    As the name suggests, this license is the best option if your family has more than 2 users who use computers. As it can be utilized by 3 users and is sufficient for a family. The FAMILY license will cost you around $35.

Protection covered under this License-

  • Real-Time Anti-Malware Protection
  • Anti-Adware (To block annoying ads)
  • Anti-Spyware (To prevent spyware bots)
  • Full protection from Ransomware
  • Browser Hijack Remover
  • Works in the background Intelligently
  • Along with this they also offer a 30-days Money back Guarantee.

Is MalwareFox Worth its Price?

Yes, it sure is! Because, this software protects your computer from Malware, which is currently more dangerous than Virus. You might be confused, that how can it be dangerous, they both are the same thing. But, it’s not true, Malware is different from Virus. A virus is basically a Malware, but a Malware is not always a Virus.

The only thing a virus can do is damage files or corrupt it. But malware is capable of doing much more, ranging from stealing to accessing personal records and much more. There is not much good looking software out there, which guarantee you 100% protection from Malware. So, as per my knowledge, MalwareFox is one of the best Anti-Malware software for a computer which I have come across in past few years. So, it’s totally worth its price.

Things I liked about MalwareFox-

  • It’s lightweight and automated software that can automatically clean malware on just a click.
  • Easy to use user interface
  • It is not bulky like other Anti-wares and takes a lesser amount of space.
  • 24 x 7 active protection from all types of malware.
  • Browser protection offered along with Anti-malware.
  • Free Trial of 15 days (You can also use it for testing purpose)


So, all-in-all, MalwareFox is an excellent protector for your computer, which will ensure that no malware, such as Ransomware, etc. access your computer to exploit your personal files. And ask for money in return. To conclude things, I would say that, you should definitely try the free trial version of MalwareFox, for testing it for 15-days, and then if you’re satisfied, you can make it yours as per the users you have on your Family. You can easily buy this software from here- MalwareFox Checkout


  1. I like how there is a flexibility in pricing options as I’m only using one computer and hence I can get the cheapest license.

  2. I’m probably going to introduce this one to my Mother. She doesn’t know much about computers and always ends up installing freeware stuff with a bunch of adware programs.

    • Same thing happened to me. I give my old desktop to my father and a couple of weeks later I see that he’s infected with an adware. Never let the elderly use computers without an Anti-Malware haha.

    • Technically speaking, it’s true. Anti-Malware programs detect different kinds of threats compared to Antivirus ones. Like adware, browser hijackers, and stuff like that.

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