Meet Akita: The IoT Device Watchdog Station

Looking back fifty years from now and trying to measure the pace at which computer technology has evolved in this time can be a dazzling experience. Remember what the movie “Back To The Future” depicted the future from the perspective of a guy in 1985. What was shown in the movie might not be proven to be exactly true, but look around us, haven’t we surpassed the past speculation of technological evolution?

What was considered a supercomputer two to three decades ago might have the same processing power as your smartphone. Today you can build a powerful computer with enough power to run a server of your own at your home only. With such potential emerges threat that could interfere with our home WiFi security. The online security has become a major challenge for many individuals and organizations.

Looking at the trends of increasing the influence of science and engineering and its growth at a rapid pace, no one knows what’s the future is. However, one thing which is a growing concern is – network security. Akita is a small device that connects to a router and ensures its security by constantly monitoring it.

Use Akita to Secure Home Network – Review and Features

Nowadays we all have an internet connection at our home. Our smartphone, laptop, desktop are connected to our home WiFi. The recent trend of smart homes is also dependent on the Wi-Fi connection of your house.Long story short our life is very much dependent on the internet. So, ignoring the security of your internet connection is not a wise thing to do. Hackers can easily alter the settings of the devices by intruding your home network.

What is Akita?


For securing the home network there are many options available in the market. But most of them are not very efficient and hard to configure. Akita provides you a simple solution for securing your privacy. It prevents hackers from snooping into the network that you use.

How Does Akita Work?

We use a WiFi router in our home for easy internet accessibility. Akita connects to the Local Area Network of the router. It uses the advanced machine learning while monitoring the behavior of the internet activities. Upon detecting any unusual activity in your network, it disrupts the network immediately. You will get the notification of any unusual activity on your internet connection. It does not log your traffic or see into your activity so that your connection remains completely private.

Akita uses intrusion prevention system. Hackers bypass your system security using the network vulnerabilities available. IPS is an active threat control system that prevents any hacking attempt on the spot. Any type of action that includes dropping malicious packets or unidentified access attempt is detected by the Akita. It primarily dependent on Signature-based detection and statistical anomaly detection to enhance security.

Akita Mobile App

With Akita, you have the best available security for your home. It is easy to configure. Once you have the product in your hands, you need to download Akita App. It is available for both Android and iOS. This app can be used to control the device behavior. You will also receive notification of any attempt to security breach through this app.

Developer: High IoT
Price: Free

Cybersecurity has many challenges. Akita makes it simple for a normal user to keep the network private and secure. You perform any types of activities on your home internet connection. Accessing social media account, checking emails, making online transactions and many more. Akita Project has been listed on Kickstarter and is aimed at $30,000 goal. On making a pledge you get Akita delivered to your place. The product delivery will start from April 2018.

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