Born For Sports

L1 Smart Wear 

L1  Smart Watch
L1  Smart Watch
L1  Smart Watch

Lurching in technology, here we have an amazing product by Microwear. The new L1 watch "born for sports". As the craze for smartwatches is rapidly increasing, here is the new bee with exciting features. Ain't it startling to get a lot of similar features of your smartphone in a mini compact watch? You can tie it on your wrist and can move anywhere where you carrying your smartphone is a risk. Moreover, it is a device which can monitor your health on the constant basis. what more we can expect from a watch to do. 

From your foot steps to your heart rate to blood pressure, you can analyze it all by this watch from Microwear. Nonetheless, it has one sim slot whether you want to insert a micro SD card or a 2G GSM Sim. Adding on to specialties get connected via Bluetooth from your smartphone and keep getting calls and updates over smartwatch. The device offers just not a camera but file management option too. Let's see below the number of functions.




The device is approximately up to the marks in counting heart rates and blood pressure. Mini variations in pedometer and air pressure. Apart from it the compass and measuring are up-to the marks ​



The overall performance is what we call exceptional in such price. The device offers the wide amount of options from camera to Bluetooth, even more, video recording too. Health monitoring is the key point. Callings to the message logs, the smartwatch gives the whole blend of what comes in the smartphone. The product is quite fast and smooth to use



The placement of the camera is on the right side of the watch. It can possibly work as spy camera at a lot of time. (A big LOL?) No, I ain't kidding on this part. You can record videos and click images without letting anyone know about it. It has a camera of 0.3 M. Which will surely not give you quality videos or clicks but yes satisfying images as the camera is part of a mini watch.



It can easily last up to whole day meanwhile in use. Otherwise, it has 3-5 days expected standby time. It uses 380 mah battery.Which is just okay as the expectation is a bit more of users. Moving further, it gets completely charged in around 90 to 100 minutes which is quite good.

Features you get with L1 Microwear Smartwatch

L1  Smart Watch
  • Pedometer
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Heart Rate Test 
  • Blood Pressure
  • Air Pressure
  • Stop Watch 
  • Compass
  • Multi-Sports
  • Bluetooth and App Connection
  • Data Transmission
  • Camera
  • Music Player
  • Calling Log
  • Sedentary Reminder

What you get in L1 Microwear Smartwatch

Smart Watch

 A watch to measure almost all your sports activities.


 A cable with long ends to charge L1 Smartwatch


A user manual to guide, how to use watch.

Technical Specifications

Basic Information
Brand: Microwear
Type: Watch Phone
CPU: MTK2503
ROM: 128MB
External Memory: TF card up to 64GB (not included)
Compatible OS: Android,IOS
Battery: 380 mAh, 3-5 days standby
Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth,GPS,GSM 
Network type: GSM 
Frequency: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz 
GPS: Yes 
Bluetooth: Yes 
Bluetooth Version: V3.0,V4.0
Screen type: LCD 
Screen size: 1.3 inch 
IPS: Yes 
Screen resolution: 240 x 240
Camera type: Single camera 
Front camera: 0.3MP
SIM Card Slot: Single SIM
Media Formats
Picture format: JPEG
Music format: MP3 
Video format: AVI,MP4


What we liked

  • Built-in Gravity and Air-Pressure Sensor
  • Measures your Health Activities including Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Foot Steps
  • Built-in GPS
  • Long Stand-by Battery


What we didn't like

  • Working hours of battery life is little less
  •  Watch is not waterproof

Why to Buy?


 8.4/ 10

L1  Smart Watch

The watch is blend of functions and allows many health monitoring apps to function and that is many key features of Microwear L1. Nevertheless, it works as a complete smartphone at times. You can pick up the call, drop the call, read messages and receive notifications of your smartphone. It is compatible with both iOS as well as Androids. The accuracy of health-related applications is pretty good.

 Moreover, it gives the wide variety of sports activities which you can easily measure. Counting from walking to running to cycling, the built-in GPS helps you to discover more of your activities. Adding to the activities, the watch has a camera on the right side of the dialer. Which you can probably use as a spy cam at times. Click pictures and explore where your cell phone can't reach. Excitingly you got way more options like capturing a video too from the very same camera.

The 0.3 megapixel won't get you subtle image quality but surely it will impress you. despite all this, again come a file management functions which is also there in the watch. It allows data transmission on easy basis via USB

What more we can seek in a watch at such price. Currently, the main site is providing watch on fantastic offers too. Grab it asap, if you too are smartwatch geek.

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