MiUi 8 Hidden Features and Tips & Tricks for Redmi Note 3, 1S, 2S, 3S, Mi 3, 4, 5, MAX

MiUi always comes with the amazing features. Recently they start rolling out MiUi 8 for all Xiaomi devices. There are lots of MiUi 8 hidden features and MiUi 8 tips and tricks that you will love to know. Some of the devices like Redmi 1S and Redmi Note has already received the MiUi 8 update and other devices like Redmi 2S, 3S, Note 3, Mi4, Mi5 will also receive the update soon. MiUi 8 tips and tricks that you will love to know. Some of the devices like Redmi 1S and Redmi Note has already received the MiUi 8 update and other devices like Redmi 2S, 3S, Note 3, Mi4, Mi5 will also receive the update soon.


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There are many features in MiUi 8 that you will not find out. So here i am listing all MiUi 8 features here. You can check and use them on your phone.

20 Best MiUi 8 Features and tips & Tricks

MiUi 8 is the most awaited MiUi version. There are many amazing features that will change your experience of using smartphones. You will not found such features in any of the Android version or any custom ROM. Let’s look What’s new in MiUi 8.

Quick Ball Feature Like iOS

Quick ball miui 8

Yes, they have added new quick ball features on the MiUi 8. You must have seen this feature in iPhones and iOS devices. It is very useful, you can access all your navigation button from this. You can only set 5 option to Quick ball.

You need to enable it from Settings. Simply switch to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Quick Ball. Now Turn on Quick Ball.

Turn on quick ball

In default you will get 5 options: Back, ScreenShot, Lock, Home and Menu. You can also customize it. Like if you want to change the Screenshot option to Torch or any other option. Go to Select Shortcuts and tap the icon you want to replace and select the desired option. You can even add an app, so you can quickly access it with quick ball option.

There are some other options also like you can hide it in some apps. like while playing the game you don’t want to see it. So you can hide it. Even you can use it on Lock screen also. Just try it out.

Long ScreenShot With Scroll Feature

Long screenshot

Screenshot is a very useful feature that we use regullarly on our phone. But you must not seen any change in screenshots options from some times in any phone. But this time, MiUi comes with amazing Screenshot option.

SS Thumbnail : First When you take any screenshot, it shows a thumbnail in the top right. So you can easily access it. It disappears in few second if you don’t want to use.

Long SS : Another feature that MI add it the Scroll and full Screen shot. Like if you want to send SS of your chats to your friend. And if it’s longer then one screen, you have to take multiple captures. But now with single shot you can take full screen shot.

scroll option in screenshot

Just take the Screenshot, now open it, You will find a scroll option. Tap on it, you can now see a long screenshot. It starts scrolling automatically. Its looks so cool. It’s a really awesome feature.

Slide to take Screenshot : And one more you can now take ScreenShot by sliding your three fingers simultaneously. It’s become very easy to take shots with this. But you need to enable this feature from Settings>> Additional settings>>Screenshots.

slide to ss

Second Space

The most amazing feature of the MiUi 8 is the second space. You must have experienced the two user accounts on your Windows PC. Its like that. You have two separate space with separate apps, settings, storage, gallery, and everything. It’s like two phones in one.

Isn’t it interesting?. Suppose you have child, your friend or spouse want to operate your phone and you are little concern about your privacy and security. In this case you can use this second space. Or if you want to make two world in your phone for your Work or personal life, then also its very useful.

second space miui 8

Simple Go to Settings>>Second Space and Tap the Turn on Second Space option. It will now create a separate space. Now tap on Second Space.  Now you are in second space. You can switch to first space from a Switch icon on your home screen. It will ask for password. You are in first space. It’s too easy to switch.

There are many options for second space that you need to set. Like you can set the password to your other space. You can import photos, files, apps from your first space.

There are lots of other options that you need to check. Like move data between two space, deleting second space and other.

Dual Apps

Yes, now you do not need any third party app to install dual Whatsapp, Facebook on your phone. MiUi has inbuilt this feature in this MiUi 8. You can clone any app that you want. And you don’t even need to switch the space.

Dual Apps

For this Go to Setings>>Dual Apps. Now select the apps for which you want to make the clone. Like i want to make the clone of Whatsapp, Facebook. I can simply select and it will create the clone. You can see the cloned app in your tray. The cloned app icon will have small second space icon on it to easily identify the second one.

two whatsapp in miui 8

Now you can create two accounts of any app, like two Whatsapp account, two facebook etc.

New Notification and Toggle Panel

miui 8 toggles

In the new MiUi, they have done major change in the notification and Toggle Panel. When you slide down you will see both notification and toggles together like in some of our earlier versions of Samsung phone. You can slide left-right to look for other toggles.

Miui 8 notification and toggles

You can also switch to normal view or separate layout. In the settings menu, go to Notifications and status bar. There are lot more options there, you can change toggle position, add new toggles etc.


New Calculator

Calculator got many new features. Besides the simple calculations, now you can do the lot like Currency Conversion, Mortage , Length area, volume measurement, temperature, speed, time and Mass unit conversion.

New Recent Apps Tray

recent apps tray in miui 8

Earlier in the recent tray app, when we slide down any app, we get the oprion to lock it. But now when you slide down, you get two options. One for lock and other for settings. So now it become easy to access settings options of any app you do not need to go main settings menu.

Security App in MiUi 8

Though there is not much change in the security app. But they have added lots of features inside it. Though some features are already available in old UI, but now you can easily access them from the Security option.

App Lock

Now you can lock any app without any third part application. Tap the app lock option on the Security menu. Now select the apps you want to lock. Set the password and your apps are locked. There are lots of settings option for app lock that you need to look.

pp lock in miui 8

And most interesting feature of this app is. Like you have set the lock to 4 apps. Now either you can separately unlock each app by entering the password. Or just unlock one app and all your apps get unlocked. For this you to turn on Unlock all apps at once option.

Payment Security

payment security in miui 8

This is the new feature added by Mi. This features checks, whether all your connections and apps are secure for payment or not. When you turn on, its checks connection and all apps and make your payment secure.

Deep Clean

This feature allow you to delete unnecessary files. There are lots of duplicate or redundant images, unused or rarely used applications and unimportant apps data and other unimportant files that covers lots of space. We need to clean up this, but manually its not possible. So you can use this feature, it will show you all the unnecessary files and free up your space.

Connection Speed

connection speed in miui 8

This feature shows you all your connection speed for both mobile data and Wifi. Its also shows you speed consume by individual app. And if you think that an unwanted app is consuming a lot of speed, then you can tap on it and force it to stop.

Test Network

test network

This feature checks whether all your connections are working properly or not. You can test USB internet, WiFi and Mobile data. When you tap on Test Network, it performs a check and let you know the status.

New Camera App

The camera app is completely changed. Earlier you need to slide left or right to select filters or modes. But in new UI, they have given small icons of filters and modes directly on camera screen, you can tap and select the desired mode and filter.

There are some extra modes like Audio, Tilt-Shift. Audio mode triggers on with the sound, so when you clap or give a loud sound. It will start the 3 seconds timing to capture a camera shoot. It’s very useful while taking selfie or group photos.

In video recording option, they have added the slow motion option.

So these are some best MiUi 8 features and tips and tricks. You might not know some of these. These features are really helpful. If you know any hidden feature of MiUi 8 that is not there on the list. Let us know in comment. We will update it with your MiUi 8 tip.


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