MiUI 9 Features, Release Date, Supported Devices, Updates and Downloads

MiUi 9

You must be very familiar with the MIUI a custom Android-based ROM developed by the Xiaomi, a leading mobile manufacturer company. MIUI is very popular among user due to its cool and unique features. MIUI 8 is the latest version that is rolling in all MI phones. On the recent launch of Note 4 in India, the company announces Android 7.0 Nougat preview for Redmi Note 4. And it is expected to release the new MIUI 9 also.


If you being the fan of MI phones and you must be waiting for the new MIUI 9. The current version MIUI 8 has a lot of exciting features like Dual Apps, Second Space and more. And we are expecting some more cool features to come in the upcoming MIUI 9.

MIUI 9 Release Date: Before 16th August 2017

According to recent news, the new MIUI is in developing phase and would be released with the beta test version soon. This new MIUI will be entirely based on the Android Nougat. The company has already started the preview of Android 7.0 in new Note 4 devices. And it will soon release it for other MI devices.

As the new MIUI is based on Android 7.0, so in the first phase, Nougat update will be release for the all Xiaomi phone. Then we can expect the release of MIUI 9. According to expert opinions, the new MIUI will be released this year in August. Though it is anticipated the beta version for the developers will be release in April end.

MIUI 9 Features

You must be expecting a lot from the new MIUI and Why not? In their earlier versions, they have added lots of features, and they always listen to users. So users expectations are obviously high, and they will surely stand on that.

Till now, you must feel the same design and concept on the MIUI, but the new MIUI 9 will be a revolutionary version with completely new OS look. Lots of significant changes in design are expected. Many new themes, colors, and backgrounds will also be added with the new UI.

If we talk about the features, then there are lots of them that company is working on. We have information of some of the major features in MIUI 9, but it is not officially announced.

  1. MultiWindo Support

MultiWindo is not a new concept, but till now no major Multi Window support feature is released by any company. As the new Android Nougat supports the Multi Window operations. Then we can expect a MultiWindow feature in new MIUI 9.

It will allow you to run multiple apps on the same screen. You can resize any app and use multiple apps on the same screen. Like while chatting on Whatsapp, you can watch video on Youtube. This feature will split your screen to use multiple apps simultaneously.

There are some features like Drag and drop text and images from one window to another would be there.

2. Quick Reply From Notifications

You might find many applications that allow you to respond to your text messages from Notification. But the new MIUI is expected to come with this feature inbuilt. Suppose you are playing a game or watching video on Youtube. And suddenly you get a message from your best friend. Now you have to pause the video to reply.

But with this new Notification reply feature, you can reply from your notification. A reply button is added to the notification. You can just tap on the answer button and then type on the pop out keyboard to send the reply. You can also use the Voice reply.

There is another button named Direct that provide you some predefined messages like YEs, NO, Later, etc. for a quick reply.

It also allows replying messages from all your favorite messaging apps from your lock screen.

3. MI Pay

It is expected that MI will release a new Wallet payment option, which will allow you to directly pay by verifying your fingerprint. Now just go to any store and at the checkout pay through your credit card with MI pay. It will be very quick; you don’t need to enter card details again and again. Once added you can verify the payment with your fingerprint.

4. Smart Gesture

You must have experienced the Gesture options in lots of phones. And MI also introduce the gesture for some function earlier like the screenshot with three fingers in MIUI 8. But now in MIUI 9, they will roll out major gesture functions. Like you can set some gesture for a particular app. Suppose I set W for Whatsapp, then I can draw W on my screen, and it will come up.

There is much other Gesture like for Selfie, you need to hold your hand in front of your camera, and it will click your photo in 3s. You can also set the timing. And you can also move your hand left the right to see pictures in Gallery.

5. VPN

The new MIUI will come with inbuilt VPN to make your connection more secure. As they have added the MI pay so security is the must. And now you do not need to use any third party apps for VPN. Your Vpn will remain ON to protect your privacy.

6. Optimized Doze Mode for Battery Saving

Doze mode helps you to save battery by restricting apps to use network and CPU if you left your phone unplugged. You must have experienced that a lot of battery get drain when you even left your phone unused for some time. Some background apps keep using your CPU and network that drains your battery.

Now with this Doze mode, if you left your phone unused then it will enter into Doze mode which will prevent apps from using network and CPU. It will save a lot of battery.

MIUI 9 Supported Devices

Though MI will release the MIUI 9 update for all major MI devices. But it will start from the top models like Redmi Note 4, Mi 5, MI Mix, MI Max. Then it will release the update for other phones like MI Note 3, 3S, 2S and Note 2. Other lower end model may not get the MIUI 9.

How to Install /Update MIUI 9 on your Phone

When you get the news about the release of MIUI 9. You can simply go to your phone Settings >> About Menu to check for update. If there is any official update, you will also get the notification for that.

Otherwise, if you want to try the app before it is officially released for your phone. You can try it by downloading from MIUI site. You can also try the developer ROM for Miui 9.

  • Download the MIUI 9 ROM that supports your Phone from here.
  • Now Transfer the downloaded file to the root directory of your phone.
  • Now you can flash it directly from the update option or recovery mode.

So now I have covered everything about the MIUI 9, its features, release date and How you can install it on your device. Though this all are assumptions until there is any official announcement. But in general, it will get all new features of Android Nougat in mIUI 9. And it will be release soon.


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