Mobile Phone Signal Booster – No More Poor Data Connection

Our phones stopped being just “phones” long ago. The device you’re using most likely doubles as a calculator, a camera, an audio / video player, a voice assistant or just about anything that comes in the form of an app. Most importantly, ever since we connected our devices to the Internet they have become the gateway to a world of information, both public and private. We can follow what our friends are up to on the other side of the globe, have live video – meetings on the go or even make financial transactions with just a few flicks of the finger.

It’s that much more of a nuisance then that we find ourselves lacking those much needed signal bars, even in everyday urban surroundings. This can happen for a number of reasons: long distance from the cell tower, obstacles such as trees, mountains or unruly weather or materials such as concrete in urban areas. A weak signal slows down our data connection to such an extent that even a simple email can take ages to leave the outbox. It’s bad enough when it slows down our private lives, but it can be detrimental to our career if it affects business affairs as well. Luckily the Mobile Repeater UK team have a solution for that, whether you need a strong signal at home or on the go.

Mobile phone signal boosters are cellular repeaters that enhance the existing reception and emit the signal in its original strength, so that you can get maximal performance from your device. They can be used to increase coverage at home or in the office, and you can even set up a booster for your car, if you need a strong signal on the go. A signal booster has three main components:

A receptor antenna – This part takes the signal from the nearest carrier tower and sends it to the amplifier;

The booster – The signal received by the antenna is augmented –  by up to 32 times!

The broadcaster antenna – The augmented signal is then emitted in your room / office / vehicle so that you can use your network at its fullest.

In some cases, these parts are separated, while sometimes the indoor antenna and the booster are integrated into one device. For boosters that are used to cover large areas there may be multiple receptor antennas. Models vary by the number of carriers that can use them simultaneously, as well as the square coverage of the amplified signal.

Mobile phone signal boosters cover 2G,3G or 4G networks, and amplification process works both ways, so the booster will also amplify your connection to the cell tower. The  signal booster kits are easy to set up and don’t require professional installation. Just mount the external antenna outside (preferably where there’s a stronger signal, such as a rooftop) and set the broadcaster antenna along with the booster box inside. Once you plug it in the antenna should start searching for your network reception and emitting the augmented signal to your surroundings.

Depending on whether you need a stronger signal in your car, your living room or in a larger area such as an office space the ideal model for you will vary. Before deciding on a particular booster you should check if its specifications suit your needs, so you can get maximal performance from your device. However, regardless of whether you need your full signal bars at home, at work or on the go, you can rest assured that the mobile phone signal booster has got you covered!

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