MTS WiFi Dongle Review and Mblaze Ultra Speed test

If you are looking to buy the new Mts Mblaze Ultra, then i will suggest you to read this complete MTS WiFi Dongle Review and also check the speed test of Mblaze Ultra. Here i will share my experience with the Mts Mblaze Ultra. So if you need to get complete reality about Mts Wifi Speed, Mts Mblaze Ultra plans , then read this post till end.

mts wifi dongle review

MTS WiFi Dongle Review

Here i will share my experience with the MTS WiFi Dongle. I bought the Mts Mblaze Ultra around 6 month before. That time i bought the device at RS 1300 (this is the cost of device only) with Rs 999 plan. In that they were offering unlimited data with 40 GB High Speed (9.8 mbps).

Their activation process was fast, i got the call from their team for my details when i was on the way to my home after buying this Mts dongle. But it took 2 days to activate my Mts Mblaze ultra.

I was happy that i have a dongle with 9.8 mbps speed and i can connect 5 wifi device to it. But when i start using it, i found that i was getting only 2mbps speed max. But i was satisfied as i was getting 40 GB data and this 2mbps was sufficient for me.

For the first month they billed me Rs 1122 i.e 999 + taxes. So this was the bill amount that i have to pay. My billing cycle is from 16 to 15 of every month and my bill due date is 3rd of each month. So we have around 18 days to pay our bill.

But the worst part about MTS is their executive keep on calling you until you pay bill. In these 18 days their executive calls 3-4 times a day and ask for bill payment. Every time i said there is lot of time on due date as its 3 day of each month.

I also told them that i will pay online, but still they ask me to send their executive to collect payment. I advice them to keep a record that i will pay online and don’t disturb me for bill. I will pay before due date. But they keep on calling everyday. Each month this same happens and once i was so irritate that i shout on one of their executive.

Now i will tell you more about their service , speed and why you should not buy mts mblaze wifi dongle.

MTS Mblaze Ultra Wifi Speed

According to MTS , Mblaze Ultra has speed upto 9.8 mbps. But don’t expect more.

On the first month of my purchase of MTS Mblaze Ultra , i was getting a speed of 2-2.5 mbps and i was satisfied with that. But after 1-2 month its speed keep on decreasing. And on this month i was getting speed max upto .6 mbps. Some time speed is so low that you can not even send a Whatsapp message. Loading a Google page take so much time that you can easily make a coffee in that time. My 4 year old 2g network was better then this at that time.

MTS Mblaze Ultra Speed Test

Check out this speed test that i have done with my MTS Mblaze Ultra.


MTS Customer Care Support is Worst

As i was getting such low speed, so i complaint about it on MTS Customer care.

MTS DataCard Customer Care No : 8432384323 (Missed call service)

I like this MTS Missed Call Service, you just have to give miss call on this number and with in 5 minute you will receive call from their side.

So i logged my complaint here on JAN 30 2015. They said your problem will resolve in 24 hrs. I was happy to hear that. Then on next day their technical expert call me to do some trouble shoot in my computer. But after doing that long process, i didn’t found any increase in speed. Then they told me that their engineer will come to my place for inspection in 2-3 days.

Screenshot_2015-02-12-17-07-40 Screenshot_2015-02-12-17-07-46

I waited for 4 days then i again called them then they said that my earlier complain is in progress and they logged my another complain and said they have forwarded it and your problem will be solve in 14 hrs.

Then their engineer comes to my place and after inspection he said about low network coverage and told me that another team will come in 2-3 days.

I waited for 3 days , no one came. SO i called them again, they said your complain is closed. Without resolving my issue they closed my complaint and they they logged another complaint.

Same thing keep on happening then on 15th day of my first complaint i wrote a mail to them and reached their head office. That day their team comes to my place with 4 technician. They said your problem will be solved by tomorrow morning.

And now its 27th of Feb , almost 28 days to my first complaint and 5 complaint thereafter. Still no solution. Even BSNL give service in 2-3 days but these MTS people are dumb. Don’t expect any service from their side. They do have people for collecting bills and calling for bill reminder daily. But they don’t have people to provide service to their user.

I am not expecting much from them, they claim speed upto 9.8 mbps. I told just provide me 2mbps. But i got Babaji ka thulu.

So my advice to you, don’t get attracted to their creative ads. These company are making fools, i will suggest you to not to buy. Though i suggest some of my friends to buy MTS Data card earlier and many of them bought it. But n, if you are thinking to buy MTS Mblaze Ultra, before that you must read this review of MTS Wifi dongle or Mts Mblaze Ultra wifi review and also check Mts Ultra speedtest.


    • Hello Sekaran

      In recent months, MTS service is degraded a lot, Mblaze speed is also bad, people are complaining lot about MTS. Better to switch to some other company. I tried everything contacted customer care many time but no solution. You can check your MTS bill in your mail or for your MTS Mblaze data balance dial 9875054321 from your alternate number.

  1. I have also a horrible experience with MTS.
    In my new home internet is not opening at all so I have registered a request to submit, but they are not returning my Security deposit and not cooperating with me.

    And also forcing me to pay extra amount.

    So MTS is not recommended at all.

  2. i had a very bad experience with MTS company they have very very very poor customer service they dont know how to speak with the customer

    i buy a MTS Dongle from one of their authorized retailer they told me that if i will pay 2199 then i will get 20gb every month till one year with 9.2 mbps they will activate it within 24 hrs when i buy it they activate it after 5 days after so many calls to them
    when i use this dongle the speed was only .70 kbps so i call the customer service then they told me that i recharge only with 1399 only for one month and when i told them i got the speed only .70kbps speed
    their customer representative make fake commitment that their technical department will call me within 4hrs
    now i have called them aprrox 6 time they telling a lie that their representative will call me within 4 hrs still i did not get any solution

    one more thing inke yahan ladko ko kya ladkiyo tak ko bolne ke bilkul bhi tehjeeb nahi or bina bataye phone kaat dete hai

    so guys i am victim of this company their customer representative
    believe me never ever use their service
    if the company see my massage so call me 9999242450
    if i will not get any solution till tomorrow then i know how to case a file in consumer court

    • I also have the very bad experience with MTS. I will suggest you to write a mail to MTS Appellate. You can try search its mail according to your circle. Like if you are from Rajasthan then : [email protected]


    MTS are FRAUD. They have started stealing data recently & does not respond to customer complaints as well.

    They took away all my days high speed & are not ready to share the usage details as well.

    Also on top of that they have the audacity to ask me to buy extra high speed plans.

    I raised a complaint at customer service & they have closed the case without any resolution. customer service sucks. They disconnect calls, they shout on customers, managers are never available & many more issue. Actually these are most unprofessional people.

    I would strongly recommend no one to get MTS now. They are THIEFS.

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