MX Ergo Wireless Mouse 2019 Review

Let’s face it, computer mice at the end of the day all tackle the same computing tasks, but they’re not all the same by any means.

If your fingers and wrist constantly hurt at the end of each day of computing, there’s a good chance your mouse is part of the culprit.

With that in mind, in this post we look at the MX Ergo Mouse, one of the best selling mice in 2019. It tries to tackle the common issue of wrist pain and even Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by combining a traditional mouse with a trackball. The end result? Let’s find out.

Comfortable, Natural Grip – Reducing Wrist Strain

First off, from Logitech’s own research, the MX Ergo mouse delivers 20% less muscular strain when compared to your regular mouse. This is because instead of moving the MX Ergo around like you do with your regular mouse, it remains stationary. You roll the trackball around with your thumb.

The hand-crafted shape also provides palm and finger support, and the rubber on the top offers a soft, comfortable grip for long hours of work. Unfortunately this greater comfort isn’t for left handers as this is a right-handed only mouse.

For someone like me with large hands, what I really appreciate about the MX is the large profile. It supports my entire hand fully, measuring 3.9” x 5.2”.

Tilt Adjustable Base – for Neutral Hand Position

Another important feature that sets the MX Ergo apart is the tilt-adjustable base. You can either use the Ergo in a standard flat 0° orientation or you can press down on the mouse and tilt it up to 20° for a more neutral hand position.

The tiltable base means the Ergo Mouse basically can be turned into a vertical mouse on a whim.

Simultaneous Connection to Different Devices

Another attractive feature of the MX Ergo is Logitech Flow. The mouse can connect wirelessly to two different devices at once. You can scroll between computers, copying and pasting text and documents as you like. I’ve found this feature a GREAT time saver when trying to sync information between my main PC and laptop.

Other Specs of the MX Ergo

  • Number of buttons on the mouse – 8. The left and right button, the clickable scroll wheel, the button for you to switch between inputs , the two buttons that go back and forwards in a web browser and the thumb button on the side.
  • Minimal and maximal value : 320 dpi – 440 dpi.
  • You’re able to reassign the buttons to perform any feature you’d like.
  • Island keys offer sharper click feeling. Switch life equal to 10 million clicks, and counting.
  • Long lasting battery. Capable of holding power for up to 4 months on a full charge.
  • Operation distance is about 10m.
  • Universal compatibility with Logitech’s Unifying receiver or Bluetooth. Use the mouse with Windows or Mac computers.
  • On/off LED light next to the dual connectivity switch.
  • Advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology.

Pros and cons of the MX Ergo Mouse


  • Tiltable base lets you assume a more neutral wrist position
  • Trackball keeps your wrist completely stationary, preventing CTS
  • Connects to two devices simultaneously
  • Connect via Bluetooth or the included receiver.


  • Not designed for left handers.
  • Expensive.
  • Some people don’t like that the mouse doesn’t click quietly

What Other People Are Saying

Reviews around the web on the MX Ergo has largely been extremely positive:

  1. Logitech’s MX Ergo made me a trackball convert – Techcrunch
  2. Best thumb-operated trackball – WireCutter
  3. Best Overall Ergonomic Mouse – Ergonomic Trends


The MX Ergo in my opinion combines the best of a regular mouse and trackball to create something truly comfortable. If you suffer from any kind of repetitive strain injuiry, I highly recommend giving this mouse a try.

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