Necessary WordPress Plugins for a Newbie Bloggers

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For any WordPress blog , it is important to have some necessary plugins for its proper functioning. As such WordPress blog itself has many necessary features inbuilt but to make your blog a brand, you need to chose the right themes and plugins.
After creating a WordPress blog there are many things that we need to focus like Site Navigation, SEO, Blog Security,  link managing, Blog Socializing etc.

And fortunately in WordPress, all these can be done using free WordPress plugins. Here i am listing few necessary WordPress plugin.

necessary wordpress plugin for newbie

Necessary WordPress Plugins

All plugin that i am listing here is free. To install these necessary wordpress plugin, just search them in Add New Plugin in WordPress.

Backup:- BackUpWordPress

It is recommended to backup all your data to be on safe side. If you have backup copy, you can restore and can survive any complication. BackUpWordPress Plugin will automatically backup your WordPress site fully, including database and all other files. You can also set the backup schedule time. And can also manage all your backup.

SEO:-WordPress SEO by Yoast

It is all in one SEO solution for your blog. It featured with everything that you need to optimize your blog for search engines : SEO title,  Focus Keyword, Meta Description, breadcrumbs, XML sitemaps and everything else.

Caching Plugin: WP Super Cache

To increase your blog speed significantly, this plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. So it serves your users with this html files instead of heavier php scripts.

Social Networking:Share This


Very easy to configure and useful plugin to socialize your blog with 120 social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It allow your user to share your post with others. It also featured with Social Analytics, CopyNShare, Open Graph Sharing, and the Hovering Bar!

Floating Social Bar:

This plugin helps you in increasing social media share for your blog. This light weight plugin adds a eye catching floating share bar at the top of the post.

Other Recommended Plugins

This plugin automatically compress the images you upload and reduce its size to improve performance.

Contact Form 7:

This plugin is very helpful in creating and managing forms in your WordPress Blog. Using it you can easily customize your form.

Related Post Plugin

This related post plugin help you to keep your visitor for long time on your blog by providing related post option at the bottom of each post. It also displays the picture from your post to attract the visitor.


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