As computers and technology have become the eternal part of modern human society, STEM(Science, technology, engineering, mathematics ) education has the scope that sees no boundaries. We are at the stage where we are almost on the brink of hitting the greatest invention that humans have ever imagined- Artificial Intelligence. It will be the beginning of a new era that has the potential to change the front face of humanity forever.

Neurobytes Electronic Circuit for Simulating Neurons


But whats behind this mind-blowing scientific success that we dream of achieving, not the mighty Viking possessing the super human strength or not the most powerful armies of the world. It is the human mind, we do not need the strength of the muscles but the unlimited potential that our small brain is capable of. Today we have brought you a powerful electronic gadget that can simulate the basic structure of the human brain. The new invention Neurobytes is a small chip that sends and receives electronics in a similar manner to the neurons present in our brain.

What is Neurobytes?

With the advancement of science machines are getting smaller and technology has almost reached to the scale of nanometer. The computer processors have become more powerful and are so portable that it can easily fit on your palm. Electronics are the building blocks of all the latest technical innovations. You can program them in order to act as specified. Almost all the machines have gone digital with the introduction of electronics. WIth a tiny electronic chip and a compatible computer program, you can do what was considered to be a science fiction. Learning electronics is fun and open a whole new world of possibilities.

Neurobyts- Neuron Simulation
Neurobytes is a small device that requires no programming and can be used to make robots that can act as per the instructions. The unique thing about the Neurobytes is that it can be assembled to sense motion, light, and touch. It is also capable of creating new memories. Getting to know the working of the human brain has always been the crucial field of science. The complex structure of brain makes it difficult to explore. What Neubytes do is simulate the interaction between two neurons. Neuron uses electric signals which can be simulated on an electric board by connecting a number of Neurobytes. You can replicate human body motion with its help.

What is in the box?

The basic Neurobytes include the following modules


  • Interneuron
  • Network Interface Device
  • Power Cable
  • Pressure sensory neuron
  • Touch Sensory Neuron
  • Motor Neuron
  • Battery pack
  • Photoreceptors
  • Interneurons
  • Tonic Neuron

You can use these basic modules in order to make a circuit that can sense touch and act accordingly, the response in a certain way to light and much more. The product can be of extreme importance for learning purpose for medical students. The growing influence of research in the field of artificial intelligence can also be benefitted with this. Not only this with a configurable electronic device like this possibilities are limitless.

The Project is present on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its goal of $25,000. If you want to support this project you can pledge on Kickstarter. If you pledge  $19 or more then you will receive a Neurobyte kit. The company will start delivery from April 2018.

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