The nearly exponential increase in processing power and superfast Graphical Processing Units have been the frontier of technological advancement. Nvidia which is known for its graphic cards is set to release the next big thing that can be a game changer in the computing industry. Buy Nvidia Titan V Price on the company’s official website is $ 2,999. Here we are comparing Titan V vs Titan X in terms of specification and performance in order to find out is the new Graphic Card based on Nvidia Volta Procesor worth buying for you or not.

titan v vs gtx 1080 ti vs titan x

Nvidia Titan V vs GTX 1080 Ti Vs Titan X | Comparison, Specs, Review

The Nvidia Titan V has been announced and is branded as the most powerful graphic card ever. The video card is the central hub for processing the image and video output in your computer. It is not necessary that you exclusively need to put the graphic card on your PC to perform the basic operations. In fact, the modern CPU,s have GPU inbuilt referred to the integrated graphic card. For people who play heavy games or need to work on performance intensive software for video editing, a dedicated display adaptor work as an advantage by increasing the performance to a significant amount and keeping the load of the computer processor. In most motherboards, you can find the PCI-E slot that can be used for adding additional power to the system through a video card.


Looking for the best graphic card, we have numerous options available. The Nvidia Geforce GTX X is the flagship display adaptor by the company that carries spectacular specs that will thrill every gamer and video editor out there.The benchmark scores of the Geforce X will put most of the GPU out there to shame. The next version of the product Nvidia Titan V has created a lot of hype among tech enthusiasts due to the futuristic specs. Comparing the Titan V vs GTX 1080 Ti Vs Titan X head to head here are the findings.

titan v vs gtx 1080 ti


GPU Comparison

GPU Architecture NVIDIA Volta Pascal Pascal
Frame Buffer 12 GB HBM2 11 GB GDDR5X 12 GB G5X
Base Clock 1200MHz 1417MHz
Boost Clock 1455MHz 1582 MHz 1531Mhz

Memory Comparison

Memory Bandwidth 652.8 GBps 484 GBps 480 GBps
Memory Speed 11 Gbps 10 Gbps
Memory Interface 3072 bit 252 bit 384 bit

Power Specs

Power Consumption 250W 250 W 250W
Maximum Temperature 91° C 91° C 94° C


Max. Resolution 7680×4320 7680×4320
Frame Rate 60 Hz 60 Hz

Price Comparison

Here is the head to head comparison of the three most powerful graphic card that you can buy currently. The new Titan V is priced at $ 2,999 and the GTX 1080 Ti can be bought at $ 699. The Titan X is available to buy at $999. For people who love video games a adding this Video Card to the system along with the best Gaming RAM will be a fantaastic PC to play games on. You can use gaming headsets to get more immersive experience.

Benchmark Scores

Comparing the benchmark scores of the Titan V with the other cards exhibit the real potential of the product. It performs 107% better over GTX Titan X on Effective 3D speed. Other benchmark scores are as follows.
Test Nvidia Titan V GTX 1080 Ti NVIDIA TITAN X
Effective 3D Speed 198% 156% 95.4%
MRender 179 fps 262 fps 386 fps
Parallax 314 fps 555 fps 800 fps
The immense power of Titan V can come handy for Bitcoin and Ethrium mining. While most games run smoothly on the currently available Graphic Processors, It might not make a big difference for gamers and people working on intense graphics and video editing. Most modern motherboards with PCI-E slot will support it fine. And if you plan to it you can from the link given.
Why Buy Nvidia Tian V?
Why Buy Nvidia Titan V? The extra specs and the performance jump in the recently released video card can be a good thing to consider if you are currently not satisfied with the performance of your display adaptor and is willing to spend the extra 1400 bucks which you could save if you opt for the GTX 1080 Ti which is currently favorite of gamers and video editors. The company claims that Titan V is optimised to be used for Artificial Intelligence computing. The AI is the next big thing which every big tech industry is currently focused on. The $2000 Price is justified by the performance of the Titan V but for most of the users, the performance jump will not matter until running a couple of latest games at full graphics.

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