OnePlus 6: Rumors, Design, Price, Specification and Release Date

It has been few months since we got our hands on OnePlus 5T, latest running flagship by the company. Now, as days are passing and getting closure to the release of the OnePlus 6 very soon, we have listed everything we know about the device. However, we do not confirm everything to be right, but as OnePlus 6 is one most popular device floating over the Internet these days.

OnePlus 6

You must have gone through many rumors regarding the latest upcoming flagship device by OnePlus, OnePlus 6’s Price and Specification details. Moreover, with the latest leak by Evan Blass of @evleaks fame, leaked the first photo of the device. Before that, a new image of the device surfaced with the new vertical camera setup running on Android v8.1 Oreo.

Furthermore, the OnePlus 6 is rumored to arrive during the second quarter of 2018 with some latest tech with best hardware config available in OnePlus’s Price Bracket at a lower price than its competitors.

OnePlus 6 Details: Everything you need to Know

As daily emerging tech keeps us excited about the upcoming technologies, Smartphones are one of the most trending topics these days. Apart from Samsung and Apple, Chinese Smartphone Manufacturing Companies are playing significant roles in bringing the latest tech to us at a reasonable cost.

Companies like Xiaomi, Vivo, OnePlus, OPPO and more are emerging globally and marking their presence in the market with the high-performance devices at much lower cost than other tech giant companies. Moreover, OnePlus has turned out to be a promising mobile manufacturing company with their quality products and dominant flagship performance at affordable prices.

Now as OnePlus is getting ready for OnePlus 6 launch, a new leak is floating every week. So let’s get started with the all the details we know/heard about the OnePlus 6 in this article.

OnePlus 6 Design

The first thing that got confirmed is that the OnePlus is joining the top-notch league with the OnePlus 6. Recently confirmed by The Verge report which suggests that OnePlus will undoubtedly have the top-notch and will be following the Apple iPhone X’s lead. Carl Pei, Co-founder of OnePlus has also stated: “notches to be the future of Smartphones.”

The two leaked images were- One of the back and one of its front. On the front, is the edge-to-edge display with top-notch including required sensors and front-facing camera. The display, however, was depicted to show the specs of the device. At the back, OnePlus appears to hold the new vertically aligned dual camera setup and with a fingerprint sensor.

OnePlus 6

In this case, we can expect the OnePlus 6 to look similar to its predecessor. However, in the leaked images from Evan Blass shows a beautiful gray woodgrain real panel on the brushed aluminum frame. Likely, Few other images of the device show a glass back and suggest to feature wireless charging (fingers-crossed).

OnePlus 6 Specifications

As seen in previous generation phones, OnePlus smartphones usually come up with the best available technology at the time of release but at the lower price, and we can expect OnePlus 6 to be no different.

However, according to the photos leaks which shows up the phone’s specs, and you can expect the device to feature at least one variant with 6GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage which may go upto 256GB in OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6

To be more specific, the Snapdragon 845 is rumored to come inside the OnePlus 6, and some sources claim OnePlus 6 to feature an on-screen fingerprint, but the latest leaks suggest otherwise. As OnePlus 5T was launched with 18:9 aspect ratio with minimal bezels and shifted the fingerprint sensor to rear from below the screen.

It is also important to know that Chinese brands in Vivo, OnePlus, and Oppo are sister companies and are owned by BBK Electronics and thus hold chances to share their technology with each other.

While “face unlock” feature is already a part of OnePlus 5T, OnePlus is said to feature the same but rumored to come with the upgraded infrared 3D module. However, this is not confirmed yet but if OnePlus upgrades the camera module, it will provide a better level of security than the OnePlus 5T.

OnePlus 6 Release Date and Price

As every year since 2016, OnePlus releases two phones: In 2017, OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T was released and in 2016, OnePlus 3 and 3T. So will the OnePlus do the same in 2018? If it does, OnePlus 6 is expected to launch in May and later one in the final quarter of 2018. (As per the sources say)

Also, OnePlus is likely to keep its promises by pricing it right but with flagship hardware offerings. However, the leaks suggest that OnePlus 6 with 64GB of internal storage will be launched with a price tag of $523 (Roughly Rs 35000). The device with 128GB storage will cost you $602 (Rs 39000), and 256GB variant will be launched at $697 (Rs 45000).

As earlier reports suggested it to be costlier than the OnePlus 5T and the new releases verify the same. As we are expecting OnePlus 6 to be better than its predecessor, we should also accept the higher pricing.

So that is all the information available regarding the upcoming flagship killer OnePlus 6 (expecting it to be great). Also, do tell us which feature do you want OnePlus to feature in OnePlus 6.

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