OnePlus Cryptocurrency Teaser: For Real or an April Fool’s Joke?

April Fool’s Day is around the corner and OnePlus seems like already at it playing pranks. OnePlus has a history and is known for making April Fool’s jokes, but this time the fun revolves around the most prominent talking topics of the year, Cryptocurrency. Carl Pie, co-founder of OnePlus posted a new video on company’s Social Media handle stating the OnePlus wants to “reimagine one of the most fundamental elements of our everyday life, currency.”

Moreover, the video starts with “Blockchain meets NEVER SETTLE” and teases a spinning coin with the OnePlus logo on one side and “E PLURIBUS PEI-UM” on the other. For the reference “E PLURIBUS UNUM” means ‘out of many, one’ which is a moto stamped on the US currency.

However, OnePlus fans in India should be disappointed as following this year’s budget announcement, cryptocurrencies exchange in India is not considered as a legal tender.  Also, as we have mentioned earlier, OnePlus has a history of making a fool out of everyone (including us) around the same April Fool’s time last year. Even this year it could no more than a marketing strategy of promoting their products. Last year, the company claimed to be introducing new Dash Charging, but it turned out to be a joke about a new Dash Charge energy drink. It went on sale, and small quantities of drinks were made.

Oneplus Cryptocurrency

So it is possible, that company might release a limited quantity of “OnePlus Coins” for us. Also, if the coin holds a value, OnePlus can launch its cryptocurrency. However, we can’t confirm anything yet, if it for real or not but if it is, I would love to have one on presale. Or if you want to buy Bitcoin, you can try these best bitcoin wallets.

Also, tell us in the comment section, would you love to buy it if it is for real? Or OnePlus will continue it’s April Fool’s Day history.

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