OnePlus Two Tips and Tricks with Hidden Features

One plus two is one of the best android smart phones in India. Are you thinking to buy new One plus two then your choice is best. Here I will tell some OnePlus Two trick and tips. One plus two is getting more popular day by day in the market. It has one of the best functions. There are so many additional features which is useful in our daily life. Even the User Interface is very simple and easy.

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The good thing about one plus two is operating system. It’s run under Oxygen operating system based on android 5.1. It has come up with 5.5 inch LCD capacity. Even its support the multi touch display which is flaunts full HD resolution of 1080*1920 pixels. It has better camera quality. Even it has additional features like 13 MP primary camera with f/2.0, 5MP front facing camera, dual LED flash and advanced laser options. The battery type is 3300 mAh Li-Po battery. Even its support the dual Nano SIM options. It has great 4G internet connectivity options.  Here I will tell you some Hidden features of OnePlus Two.

Oneplus Two Tips and Tricks and Hidden Features

Here I will tell you some hidden features of one plus two. These tricks and tips of One plus Two may help you to get to know more about your mobile

  • Edit Notification Screen on your way

One plus two is best time less Design with android advanced settings. It works under Oxygen operating system based on android 5.1. There three profile settings are available. The profile settings will be like priority interruption, no interruption.  These settings are little bit more comfort and peace and quite easy to mange. If you want to rearrange your settings you can easily do yourself. What you have to do is simple click on the tile icon then it show the below user profile button on top of right side. Now you will find out full menu like Cast screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Flash light and location appearance then click on the save button.

notifiaction screen of Oneplus two

  • Personalize and customize home screen menu

It has designed with three different buttons you can see at below image. The right button act as like menu button, the middle button work as like fingerprint recognizer and search assistant and the left button work as like back. The best thing about one plus two is you can manipulate according to your choice. There is a screen navigation bar which is hidden by default. You may initialize different actions for all the three buttons for double and long tap.

Navigation to settings >> buttons>>  Follow the screen instructions

one plus two home screen customiztion

  • Lightweight and powerful Battery

One plus two is arrives with a battery saver mode. By activating this mode you can save your battery life and its automatically turn on when the battery power is below 15%  If you want to set this setting just go to navigate settings>> Battery under the device option and click on the left menu then it will show like three consecutive horizontal dots and select the battery saver option. if you want to activate this mode you can click on turn on button.2015-10-20_190915


  • Multiple User Profle

In One Plus two you can create multiple profile, like you can create different profile for Your GirlFriend/Boyfriend, Wife, Children or Guest. And you can also set individual authentication and restrictions on them. Like if you don’t want that your GF to read your messages and contacts then you can hide them. So there are many options to control and secure your privacy with this option.

To create a New profile Go to Settings>>Users and the tap on ADD user and then follow the instructions.

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Gesture Control

One plus two also comes with the Gesture control for Flashlight, Camera and Music control from your lock screen. To activate Gesture on Lock Screen Go to Settings >> Gesture and check the necessary options.

gesture control oneplus two

  • To Open Camera you need to Draw a O symbol
  • Draw V for Flash light
  • To play or pause music, Draw || using two fingers.
  • Draw > and <  for Previous and next track.

There is one more option i.e Double Tap to WakeUp. Go to Settings>>Gesture and check the Double tap to Wake up option. Now you do not need to press power button to turn on display, you can simply double tap on screen and it will wake up the screen from sleep mode.

Change LED Colors

In OnePlus Two you can change LED colors according to your need. It is very helpful feature you can get to know about notification without touching your phone with your phone LED lights only. Just Go to Settings>> Customization>> LED Notifications. Now select the color and set it according to your need.

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So these are some of the Hidden features of OnePlus Two or OnePlus Tips and Tricks. I will add more tricks of OnePlus Two here. So keep checking this post for lates update of OnePlus Two.

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