Oyo Smart Coin – New Cryptocurrency By Oyo | All You Want To Know

Bitcoin became the milestone of starting a new technology that might solve many new world problems. Blockchain led to a new type of online transaction system that does not need a central system to run it. The end of last year saw a huge jump in the price of all cryptocurrencies.

With that, new companies joined the trend and started rolling out their own cryptocurrency. Oyo is one of the biggest accommodation service provider in India. The company is planning to launch its own cryptocurrency – Oyo Smart Coin.

The announcement of Oyo Smart Coin was made by the company today through their official Twitter and Facebook account. According to official OSC web page, the coin sale will start after 30 March 2018. There is a panel to pre-register there.

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Oyo Smart Coin – Review | Register Now

OYO rooms have increased its reach tremendously in a short amount of time. It lets the hotel owners register with OYO and let the users search for an accommodation with their mobile app or website. It maintains its standard by manually testing the hotels. The use of technology is extensive here. With the adaptation of Blockchain technology, Oyo makes the system more robust and reliable.

Oyo Smart Coin is a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin or Ripple. It will be beneficial both for the hotel partners and consumers equally. Consumers will be able to use the OSC to pay for hotel booking. Using Oyo Coin will also give additional discounts. As technology is advancing day by day, using the blockchain is a good step by the company towards making the system more efficient.

As per the estimation of the company, Oyo Smart Coin value will increase with every transaction that is made on its blockchain. Also, as per the official blog, its value will increase as more hotel partner with the network. To register yourself at for Oyo Smart Coin visit this link. The sell and purchase of OSC will be maintained by the specialist team.

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