PDF Candy : Best Free PDF Converter Tool and Software

What do you do when you need a document that is full proof and cannot be edited or tampered by any individual other than yourself? This is the underlying reason for which you need an advanced software mechanism or tool. PDF files thus ensure the security of the content inside the file.

A Conversion Tool is a need in today’s world for converting your standard image into a PDF file. A conversion tool comprises of various softwares& programs which are functioned to convert files, that are there on your computer or also on your smartphones.

There is a broad range of Best free PDF converter available over the net. These converters are user-friendly. They also provide the facility of reverse conversion where you can transform the file from PDF to Word format.

Best Free PDF Converter Tool-PDF Candy

In this article, we will be talking about the renowned PDF converter which can also be said to be the Top Free PDF Converter called PDF Candy.

About PDF Candy

Through this, you can now get your necessary work converted into PDF and other formats with extreme ease. The Icecream Apps has made conversions seem like a cake walk with its newly launched online PDF Candy. This tool is one of its kind as it is an all in one free online PDF conversion tool which is available in languages like Spanish, English, Greman, Russian and French. Apparently, they are tapping a broad range of people around the globe.

This free online converter guarantees efficiency with 24 PDF file processing tools. Icecream Candy’s offline PDF products form the basis of this new PDF Candy. This is the factor that ensures is superior quality. The best part about the converter is that it does not restrict its trial users for uploading and processing the number of files and not even in using limited tools.

What does PDF Candy Offer?

The tool is user-friendly despite its modern interface which makes it easier for first time users to convert, merge & split the PFD files, etc. It is a secure place to upload your important documents. They are leak proof because the security of this free online service is such that you can even upload and process sensitive content files. The SSL secures the PDF Candy connections.

This is another big reason why it is rendered the title, PDF Candy. The PDF Candy at present and in comparison to other online converter services offers the best experience to its users. It accepts files that are dragged and uploaded from online sources like Google Drive, Dropbox. To have instant access to your required tool among the toolset, you can just add them to the favorites list to be immediately redirected to the website.

How to access PDF Candy-

The PDF Candy can be easily sued on your computer’s system as well as on a Smartphone. Just type it out on your browser and follow the simple steps to use it.

  1. Go to the official website of PDF Candy
  2. Now choose the type of conversion you want to opt for.
  3. Select the file, or simply Drag and Drop the file.
  4. Now you will easily be able to process the conversion.

How to use PDF Candy?

This particular PDF converter that has been launched by IcecreamApp has enough exciting tools and features, having its icon on the website that is www.pdfcandy.com. This makes it easy to search and find your options.

P.S-Always remember to select the ‘+’ button on the keyboard or select file from Google Drive to get the file browser box of the computer opened. This is to be done everytime you choose a PDF Candy tool icon.

Splitting PDF Using PDF Candy-

If you are looking out to split a PDF File, you can select a single file to convert and split. Just follow the steps below, and it will be done in no time

  1. Visit PDF Candy Online
  2. Click on the Split PDF Icon.

  1. You will see the Add files icon. Just click on it or Drag and drop your file

PS- You can also add files directly from G-Drive or other platforms

  1. After adding, the file will quickly load, and you can now split it into intervals, or you can also split each page of that PDF file.

  1. Post-conversion, download those processed files to your system.

Similarly, files like PPT, Excel, MOBI, etc. can also be converted. A total of 24 kinds of files can be converted, split, merged and compressed using this free online converter. Other than that rotation, watermark addition and page deletion from PDF files are also possible. PDF Candy is not just simple but useful as well for both individuals as well as companies.

Benefits of using PDF conversion software

  • The PDF conversion software that is to be bought occupies huge space of the computer system. However, in the case of PDF Candy: best free pdf converter tool it is different. Since this is an online free site, it doesn’t require much space in the hard drive.
  • It works faster than the desktop software. Getting hold of PDF Candy ensures 24 hours usage and access to its users.
  • This online PDF converting service is one of the best PDF solutions that are web based.
  • PDF Candy is an advertisement free conversion tool. The users do not feel the intrusion and experience a hassle free experience.
  • One of the greatest advantages is this that this PDF converter tool is in support of Cloud storage. You cannot just upload files from your PC but also from Dropbox as well as Google Drive.
  • There is a broad range of tool under one roof. So, in case you get confused, you can opt for the categorization of instruments that you will find at the top of the home page.
  • You no longer have to wait for one file to be converted before you upload another for processing. PDF Candy can handle the conversion of more than one file (same file type) at a time.
  • It offers convenience where you do not have to worry about the software expiry date. Plus it’s all happening online, so there is no space to lose data.
  • This converter is accessible both from PC as well as Mobile devices.
  • Files are highly secure as they can be protected by saving a password.
  • The resolution of this free service can be customized.

To conclude it can be said that as of now there is no better online PDF converting portal available other than PDF Candy. It offers a broad range of tool set whereby a user can easily convert files to at least 24 different formats. Thus, without further delay get your free conversion tool services with PDF Candy.

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