Plagramme : Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tool

There are many free plagiarism checker tools available on the web but, not all can provide accurate results. There has always been a requirement for a good plagiarism checker which is not only perfect for producing accurate results but should be available for free. Since there are many other paid ones but not everyone is capable of paying the price.

Today we have a very suitable free plagiarism checker which produce approximate results for input content by checking it from trillions of websites on the web. A good tools need to have access to websites all over the web, only then a good report can be produced which signifies the amount of unique and copied content.

 What is Plagiarism And Its Effects


There is no proper definition of plagiarism that can define it in fixed words but, to put it in simple words plagiarism means stealing someone’s work for own advantage. There is a great importance for unique content and data. Mostly students and teachers use plagiarism checking tools.

With a great advancement in technology, everything can be easily found on the web. Researchers and students tend to innovate things using resources available around in web and after everything is carried out successfully they produce their work in form of theoretical document which can be termed as thesis or project reports.

These reports before getting published on a national platform are checked by plagiarism checker. A powerful tool produces the perfect report by covering unlimited sites to sort out the uniqueness. Therefore, to secure your work and to complain about the ones who have been stealing your work it is very important that we use a powerful plagiarism tool.

Plagramme – Powerful Plagiarism Checking Tool

plagiarism checker tool

Plagramme is a website which offers service of a free and powerful plagiarism checker tool. If there is any content, data or document that you might want to check before submitting so that you could check the amount of plagiarism that you need to edit to give a proper and unique content in research papers.

It is a global plagiarism detection service which serves more than 80 countries worldwide. So in order to validate the service provided by plagramme we tried this tool to come up with the functionality and features. It does not only detects the copy paste lines but also detects good and bad citations along with the paraphrasing.

How to get started?

Before you start using you have to go through the signup process. You can signup using your email ID. You can even signup using facebook, google or any other social account. Once you signup, you will get a verification mail on your email ID if you have signed up using email ID else if any social accounts like facebook or twitter is used, then you need to provide your mobile number to verify the OTP pin that will come to you in your messages.

Once you are done with the signup process you can directly upload the document which you want to check and use the services of plagramme. To validate the services I uploaded on of the guest post that I received, so I needed to check the uniqueness of the article.

With initial signup, you get $1 as creadit which you can spend on getting your document checked.


To upload the document you can click on upload option then browse through your files to upload the required file. This is how the window appears.


As you can read above only DOC and DOCX files are supported and the file size is also limited to a maximum of 50MB. Depending upon the size of the document it may take some time to produce a report. Once it has checked , the report appears like this.


Once it has processed all the plagiarism checking the score of the document appear. If you want to know further then you can click on respective tabs which are labeled with the type of plagiarism.

If you upload something that is already available on the web then the score card look same as shown above.


To produce the best document it uses several features in its scorecard. All the features have different color coding like for exact match of words it will show the line in red color. Once you know all the copied content you can edit your work.


  1. Similarity score which tells you the amount of similarity found in your uploaded document.
  2. Plagiarism risk score which tells you the amount of unique and similar content found in the document. If the similarity score is higher the risk of plagiarism also gets high. It can detect up to 94% of plagiarism.
  3. Paraphrase score tells you the amount of paraphrases used in your document. A high paraphrase can lead to a risk of high plagiarism.
  4. Bad Citations tells you the amount of citations used which are not valid for the document.
  5. Matches tell you the same lines used in the documents over and over.
  6. Good quotations are highlighted in green.
  7. Online editor is available using which you can directly edit the documents.
  8. Paraphrases are showed in orange and improper quotation occurs in purple color.
  9. Viewable sources that help you view from where your data matches and from which particular URL, or PDF etc.
  10. Multilingual detection which is quite a unique feature. If you have written your document in using different languages, still is it capable of detecting the plagiarism.


These were some of the highlighted features of paragramme plagiarism checker tool. It surfaces over 10 trillion sites before producing any report. It also uses big data access to provide efficient search in less time. It keeps your documents safe and in the same alignment as you have submitted. It is even available to teachers and professors who can use this tool to check plagiarism for the submitted reports. This tool maintains the integrity of the document since the document is not stored in the database. You can earn credits without paying anything so there is no such thing as paid in this tool.

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