Prinsystech The Ideal Printing Brand for your Business

UV printing has become a more viable solution for businesses when it comes to printing. As more and more printers enter the market, competition is very high but amongst them there is one that stands out. The Prinsystech PST250 UV Printer. Here are some features that puts it above the rest of the competition.

UV Printer vs Conventional Printer, what are the differences?

Conventional printers are the ones most people use for everyday printing tasks, usually on 8 x 11 (A4) paper for essays and documents. The type of ink used for this printing is a solvent which evaporates into the air then absorbed. This decreases the options for various printing materials and the print quality is not high enough for commercial printing.

UV printers on the other hand use special UV inks which turn into solid from liquid form instantly when exposed to UV light. This minimised evaporation and absorption and allows printing on non-traditional materials such as plastic, foil, metals, etc.

Prinsystech PSTJET 250 UV Printer Features

The PST250 UV printer is the ideal solution for most printing businesses. It allows you to print on virtually any solid material with a thickness of up to 4 inches.

The printer is equipped with an eco-friendly LED UV lamp (10,000 hours lifespan) that reduces working temperature so you can print on heat-sensitive substrates.

It is ideal for making awards, labels, decals, signs, packaging, and more. A primer can be used to increase adhesion when printing on materials such as metals, glass and ceramics.

Check out some of the products created by the printer below.


Golf Balls


Smartphone Case

Full specificaitons

Model namePST JET 250 UV
Print HeadOn-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Head 8 channel, 1440 nozzles (180 nozzles each colors), 1.5 pico liter ink droplet
Resolution5760 x 1440 dpi
Dimension740mm X 900mm X 570mm
Weight60 kg
Max. Printing Size+A3 (290mm x 550mm)
Max. material size330 x 600mm
Max. material thickness100mm
Printing directionAI type two-way method
Control codeESC/P Raster
Ink – 8 colorsESC/P Raster
Print Speed720 X 720dpi / 1min 30sec (290 x 550mm both side)
1440 X 1440dpi / 5min 15sec (290 x 550mm both side)
2880 X 1440dpi / 10min25sec (290 x 550mm both side)
Material usedAcryl, PVC card, ballpoint pen, glass, ceramic and any solid materials

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You can also check out more printing videos with this model here.

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